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Trump’s arch has not closed yet … What is happening in Washington exposes the fragility of the American system

Columnist Sylvie Kaufman said in an editorial in French newspaper Le Monde that US President Donald Trump, through his stubborn refusal to leave power, is exposing the fragility of the American system and providing a lesson with his ultimate devastating attack on all democracies.

Is it sedition, rebellion, coup, or military law, Kaufman asked? Of course, it is not the editorial writers of a Venezuelan newspaper who are expressing their concerns about the current situation here, but rather the local political columnists in the Washington Post, the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal, and this is the American democracy that we are talking about.

The writer explained that what was happening in the past 4 years in the United States is dangerous, but what happened in the past two months is very dangerous, because Joe Biden’s victory over Trump in the elections of November 3, 2020, by 7 million popular votes and 306 votes compared to 232 votes In the Electoral College, it is indisputable.

This victory was likely to allow – the editorial writer says – for democratic rotation under more normal conditions than those experienced by American voters in 2000, when a gap of a few hundred votes in Florida between Al Gore and George W. Bush delayed the final result. For 5 weeks.

Stabbed at the highest level

This time, the results were clear – Kaufman says – and worthy of closing the arch of Trump’s presidency, but this unquestionable victory was contested at the highest level, first before the courts, which annoys the winner, but the dispute remained within the framework of the procedures stipulated in the law.

After these lawsuits failed due to the absence of any proven fraud, matters moved to the next stage, outlawed – as the writer says – and here the world is astonished, listening to an hour-long recording of a phone call in which the President of the United States presses from the White House, who does not He wants to leave, the head of electoral operations in Georgia, and says decisively that he lost 11,779 votes.

And Donald Trump, who refused to lose, had told his interlocutor Brad Ravensberger that he had already won in Georgia “hundreds of thousands of votes,” “maybe half a million”, but it was stolen from him through massive fraud.

Out of his anger at the denial of Georgia’s electoral operations chief and his legal advisor, the president ordered them, like a mafia leader, to get the votes he lacked to reverse the election results in their states, saying, “All I want is this.” I want to find 11,780 votes, more than I missed. So what do we guys do? That would be good work. “

This is “worse” than Watergate, Carl Bernstein tells CNN, one of those who exposed the story that brought down President Richard Nixon.

And this recording – according to the author – should be studied in all political science lessons, to show that democracy is fatal, because sometimes it is only caught by a thread, and his name this time is Brad Ravensburger, a dry man with gray hair, elected like his president who keeps reminding him of that. Republicans accepted, but respected the law and conscience, helped by a young lawyer.

What would have happened if the thread had broken? This is the dangerous question – according to the author – facing experts such as Harvard historian Alexander Kessar, who admitted in an interview to The Washington Post last month, that “it has become easy to imagine that a forthcoming presidential election in which the Republicans control both chambers could nullify a Democratic president’s victory. Very disturbing. Very disturbing. “

Weak democracy

Kaufman said that this hypothesis is very logical, because the 13 Republican members of the Senate led by Ted Cruz, and half of the Republicans in the House of Representatives, decided not to vote on the confirmation of the results of the presidential elections today, especially since this vote in Congress is – traditionally – a formality. .

But in the era of Donald Trump, there is nothing traditional anymore – as the author sees – as the Republican Party has become torn between those who still believe that their popular base was “stolen” in the last 3 November elections and those who refuse to endanger the constitutional order. They are what Trump called “shame” on Twitter.

Although Congress is expected to approve the election of Joe Biden, the “nightmare scenario” that many European ambassadors feared without believing it, the facts of which began, which is a chaotic transfer of power in Washington with uncontrollable consequences in the event of a little victory for Joe Biden, As the author says.

This scenario is so frightening – as Kaufman sees it – that the ten former Defense Ministers, both Democrats and Republicans, took an unprecedented initiative to warn in The Washington Post against using the military in resolving electoral disputes, because this would “take us to dangerous, illegal and unconstitutional grounds.”

And here we are in the United States in 2021 – as the writer says – and Trump’s arch has not yet closed, and even if he ends up evacuating the White House on January 20, he will leave behind an incredibly weak democracy, and a political landscape plagued with lies, and 74 A million voters thirsty for revenge or confused, and at the same time he will leave an army of new Republicans ready to continue his war in 2022, and this is a lesson for all democracies.

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