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Trump’s daughter and husband threaten organized prosecution over coronavirus announcements

Ivanka Trump, the daughter of US President Donald Trump, and her husband, Jared Kushner, have threatened to sue an organization run by Republicans opposed to Trump after she posted ads in Times Square in New York City about coronavirus deaths in the United States.

The ads include pictures of Ivanka and Jared, and Jared appears in one of the ads, “New Yorkers will suffer and this is their problem,” indicating that the president’s advisor and son-in-law are not concerned with the outbreak of the epidemic in the city.

The prosecuting attorney directed the organization called the Lincoln Project a letter describing the ads as false and malicious and defamatory of his clients Ivanka and Jared, and threatened to sue the organization if the ads were not removed.

Linkin Project responded by affirming that the ads will remain in place, and that the information it provides is correct and does not violate the law.

A lawyer for the organization challenged the couple to file a lawsuit against her, asserting that the organization was not intimidated by the threat of suing her.

Ivanka and Jared are advisors to the US President, who is accused by his Democratic opponents of failing to address the outbreak of the Corona epidemic that has so far affected 8.8 million Americans, of whom 230,000 died, according to the latest data published by the World Meter site.

During the two presidential debates, Democratic candidate Joe Biden attacked his Republican rival, Donald Trump, for performing his administrations in the face of the widespread spread of the epidemic, and former President Barack Obama – who participated for the first time directly in the Biden campaign – considered that Trump completely failed to deal with the crisis.

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