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Trump’s situation has been worrisome and the coming hours will be critical

A source familiar with the situation of US President Donald Trump, infected with the new Corona virus, confirmed Saturday that his condition was “very worrying” during the past 24 hours, adding that the next 48 hours will be accurate.

The Associated Press quoted the source – who requested anonymity – that the president received additional oxygen at the White House on Friday before he was transferred to the hospital, and said that the president’s condition was “very worrisome,” but he is improving since he went to the hospital. .

In the same context, an informed source told Reuters that Trump is not yet on a clear path to recover from his infection with the virus, and added that some of the president’s vital signs during the past 24 hours were very worrying and that the next 48 hours will be crucial in terms of his treatment.

In the same way, the French Press Agency quoted an informed source as saying that “the president’s vital functions over the past 24 hours are very worrying, and the next 48 hours will be minutes in terms of his care. We have not yet reached a clear path towards a full recovery.”

This assessment contrasts with a more optimistic picture presented by the medical team of Trump, who said that he is breathing well and does not receive oxygen support in the hospital where he is being treated for his disease (Covid-19).
This assessment appears to contradict what Sean Conley, Trump’s doctor, announced in a brief press conference, where he said that the president spent this morning in a completely good condition, and that the medical staff is satisfied with his health condition.

Conley added, that the coming days will be accurate in determining his condition, noting that last night he was subjected to some fatigue and fatigue.

Members of Trump’s medical team assured that his spirits were exceptionally high, that he had received special antibody treatment, and last night he received the first dose of the drug “Ramdesivir”, but he was not put on a respirator, and he had no difficulty breathing.

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