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Trump’s trial .. Republican divisions are growing and the Pentagon is discussing extending the mandate of the National Guard

The Pentagon is discussing maintaining the National Guard in Washington, DC, for fear of any possible attack, while the Republican Party is increasingly divided over the trial of former President Donald Trump in Congress.

CNN quoted Pentagon officials as saying that the National Guard will remain until next March, in anticipation of potential disruptions during Trump’s trial and US President Joe Biden’s State of the Union speech in Congress.

Regarding Trump’s trial, Republican Senator Mitt Romney said that the procedures for trying Trump after leaving office are constitutional, stressing in an interview with “CNN” that what Trump did and his incitement to violence warrants trial procedures, indicating that the indictment against him is very serious.

The leader of the Democratic majority in the Senate, Chuck Schumer, confirmed that Trump’s trial will be relatively fast, and everyone wants us to end this page of American history.

While a prominent Republican member of the US Senate warned – yesterday, Saturday – that Trump’s trial in the House for a second time could lead to the trial of former Democratic presidents, if the Republicans regain control of the House after two years.

“If questioning and trying former presidents is a good idea, then what about former Democratic presidents when Republicans regain the majority in 2022? Think about it and let’s do what is in the interest of the country,” Senator John Cornyn said in a tweet to Schumer.

The Democrats currently hold a slight majority in the House and Senate in the US Congress.

The Biden administration is trying to distance itself from the merits of the trial. White House chief of staff Ron Klein said that Biden is busy running the country and dealing with crises. In response to a question about how he would prefer Trump’s trial to proceed, Klein replied that Biden is busy practicing his job, which is running the country, as he is not a member of the Senate, and he will not vote in the trial in Congress, so his focus is on the presidency, not on the job he previously held.

The Washington Post quoted a number of people around Trump, who refused to reveal their identities, that Trump told people that his threat to create a new party would give him influence to prevent Republican senators from voting for his conviction during the Senate trial.

Trump advisers say they plan to enlist the main Republican and polling station candidates.

Trump’s circle says he has more than $ 70 million in cash in his campaign to finance his political efforts.

The newspaper says that the possibility of a contentious battle threatens to widen the division within the Republican Party, and raises the concern of leaders in Washington who were publicly demanding to avoid any new round of internal retaliation.

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