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Turkey Bombs Us Special Forces in Syria Attack, Apparently by Mistake

Turkey Bombs Us Particular Forces in Syria Assault, Apparently by Mistake

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  1. Trump will call and apologize for being in Erdogan’s way.

  2. This world is such an endless clown car of a joke

  3. **Edit** – DoD has confirmed that this [was an intentional attack by Turkey](https://twitter.com/PaulSzoldra/status/1182797475460997120) on a position they *knew* the US to be operating from.

    So in the first week after Trump elected to remove [the 50-100 soldiers](https://www.washingtonpost.com/world/national-security/trump-administration-to-pull-troops-from-northern-syria-as-turkey-readies-offensive/2019/10/07/a965e466-e8b3-11e9-bafb-da248f8d5734_story.html) that were keeping safe our Kurdish allies, who were in turn keeping 10,000 ISIS combatants under lock and key:

    – Turkey immediately invaded and began [shelling civilians](https://www.cbsnews.com/news/turkey-invades-syria-kurds-civilians-reportedly-killed-as-turkey-assault-escalates-today-live-updates/).

    – ISIS militants have already [escaped prison](https://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/middle-east/isis-turkey-syria-prison-bombing-kurds-sdf-a9152536.html) in an area Turkey is bombing.

    – Turkey has bombed US servicemen in the area.

    – The US commits to [deploy 2000 troops](https://www.wsj.com/articles/pentagon-to-deploy-around-2-000-additional-troops-to-saudi-arabia-11570809038) to *Saudi Arabia* to prepare for a military confrontation with Iran.

    It’s like the military is being run by a lunatic.

  4. don’t worry though guys, Trump is getting us all out of the middle east!

    Wait whats that? He just sent thousands of US troops to Saudi fucking Arabia to “aid in their defense.” Oh.

  5. Anyone who thinks Trump will do anything about this, clearly underestimates how much of an absolute feckless coward we have running the country. He wouldn’t put his beloved Trump Tower deal at risk. Nah, Americans can get in harms way if it means his cash flow continues.

    Worst “leader” we’ve ever had. Period.

  6. It’s all a big diversion to get our attention off impeachment. Fucking scum of the Earth.

  7. The USA is showing the world that they arent in control anymore. All hell will be breaking loose this coming year.

  8. True title but a bit misleading. No US troops injured/killed but it appears the shelling was intense.

  9. Even if it wasn’t a mistake, Trump would let him them get away with it, like when he let them assault Americans in America.

  10. Not by mistake. They had the very coordinates and positions where troops were at. It was on purpose to force them out… Tragic and treasonous from the top down.

  11. I could have made that mistake, you could have made that mistake. It’s a big mistake but it’s just a mistake. We all make mistakes. The key here is it’s just a mistake. Barak Obama made far worse mistakes than that. /S

  12. If a democrat were in office, the right would be calling for war immediately.

  13. The amount Hillary was grilled over Benghazi this is far worse.

  14. As others have linked in this thread, emphasis mine:

    [CNN Chief Int’l Correspondent Clarissa Ward](https://twitter.com/clarissaward/status/1182743422450458624):

    > From @cnn @barbarastarrcnn clarifying Newsweek report of US base getting hit – Turkish artillery hit close to a US special operations unit in Kobani. **The artillery shells hit several hundred meters from where the US special ops forces were located. No US injuries reported.**

    [Pentagon Correspondent Aaron Mehta](https://twitter.com/AaronMehta/status/1182750146691551233):

    > BREAKING: Senior US official says no US personnel were hurt in an explosion near Kobani in Syria. It was not a direct hit.

    > **”Not accurate” to say US service members were attacked.**

    > Notably official says **DoD still verifying whether it was Turkish artillery that hit or not.**

    [Directly from CNN](https://twitter.com/cnnbrk/status/1182746484091117568):

    > Turkish artillery hit close to a US special operations unit near Kobani, Syria, a US official familiar with the initial assessment says. **There are no US injuries in the early reports and no indication it was deliberate, the official says.** https://cnn.it/2MDmAg6

    TL;DR the headline is vague and misleading, no US soldiers were harmed, the artillery was a couple football fields away.

  15. Didn’t we get our troops out of the way? What are they still doing there?

  16. I just watched this live streamed video of the joint chiefs literally stating that Turkey had all information regarding US positions and that no one US citizen was in danger. Man, this administration has no fucking idea what they are doing.


    Statement starts here: https://youtu.be/JmDpe8a3k2M?t=958

  17. Yes by mistake isis loose and US forces hit.

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