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Turkey defies Trump as Erdogan goes on war path in Syria ‘We will not stop!’

Turkey defies Trump as Erdogan goes on warfare path in Syria ‘We is not going to cease!’

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  2. Is anyone truly surprised by any of this?

  3. Calling Trump out on his bluff.
    Trump is going to do jack shit, afraid Erdogan will pull his name off the Istanbul Trump towers.

  4. Trump will do nothing. The point is to get a good realestate deal, not save lives.

  5. This is the best tl;dr I could make, [original](https://www.express.co.uk/news/world/1189826/turkey-news-syria-trump-middle-east-kurds-onslaught-world-war-3-spt) reduced by 83%. (I’m a bot)
    > On Friday evening, Turkey President Erdogan dismissed mounting international criticism of the operation and said Turkey "Will not stop it, no matter what anyone says" as devastating airstrikes hit northeast Syria.

    > The US had claimed Turkish strikes had caused "Great harm", with Trump this week threatening to 'decimate' the economy in Turkey with sanctions.

    > The Turkish military have caused upheaval in northeast Syria as a result, attacking Kurdish forces that have been left to fend for themselves after Washington decided to withdraw troops to prevent a military clash with Turkey who is a NATO ally.

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  6. Anyone else think trump got bullied into withdrawing from Syria? Feels like Turkey said, You know you can’t start a war with us and win the election, get out of the way because we’re bombing the Kurds this week.

  7. When Trump turned and ran, why would Turkey listen to him?

  8. Trump is starting his Iran game plan now. He ain’t got time for Syria

  9. What Trump lies about in front of a microphone and what he told Erdogan he can do over the phone, are two very different things.

  10. Turkeys been a bad actor for centuries. Ask the Armenians.

  11. Can people just boycott these crappy towers please.

  12. He has two not one towers!!

  13. How is he defying Trump when he called for permission first? It’s like middle management getting mad when their decision blows up.

  14. What is Turkey/Erdogan’s reasoning behind this incursion?

  15. Do I have to be the one who points out this was posted from the Express?

  16. Of course they won’t, this is part of the plan

  17. Isn’t this what cruise missiles are for? Can’t we just wipe out anything shooting at our own forces?

    We could just say that there were a few bad actors mixed in with the Turkish military and they have been dealt with.

  18. The US will be scared of Turkey

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