Home / news / Turkey may have deliberately targeted US forces with artillery in northern Syria in order to push them out, coalition sources have told the Daily Telegraph.

Turkey may have deliberately targeted US forces with artillery in northern Syria in order to push them out, coalition sources have told the Daily Telegraph.

Turkey could have intentionally focused US forces with artillery in northern Syria with a purpose to push them out, coalition sources have informed the Day by day Telegraph.

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  1. Why would they even do that, like think about how fucking stupid that is from their view. Trump leaves and basically let’s you in. Then you attack American troops

  2. Gives the Turks extranational authority in their region, demonstrates their leader isn’t afraid to take on the big dog, proves the big dog has no reaction speed. Win win win win for the Turks.

  3. They probably know the POTUS wont do anything except tweet, sanction, and issues tariffs

  4. If this had been under any other administration, this incident would have been enough to open up a can of whoop ass in Turkey.

  5. Erdogan watched as Trump slunk away after Kim Jung Un fired an array of missile tests after the Kim/Trump Summit. Once Trump makes a decision, it can never be questioned and can never be wrong. So, it is no wonder that Erdogan pushes the US out of Syria completely. Trump will just say that was his intention all along.

  6. I guess that’s why they bought S400 that can lock onto NATO planes unlike patriot.

  7. My deepest and most sincere apologies to the Kurdish people, especially, but also to the world for the wicked, utterly shameful behavior of our incompetent (mentally and otherwise) commander-in-chief, as well as for our failure to maintain a functional republic that would prevent a dangerous narcissist like him from being in charge of anything. I pray that we recover from this malady before further damage is done.

  8. So like what’s the play now. They fired on us *intentionally*

  9. Of course it’s intentional, but they did well

  10. It was on purpose. They knew exactly where on the ground US troops were.

  11. This reminds me of what a powerful combat weapon the A-10 is.

  12. I expect Trump to obliterate their economy any second….

  13. Yeah, I’m going to need a source better than the fucking Telegraph to believe that.

  14. Militans attacking with mortar shots, shots were tracked down and they were located at a camp near the US Forces. There was no attack to US Forces…

  15. Turkey didn’t even target or hit US forces in Syria. According to the Turkish MoD artilleries targetted mortar position that fires mortars to Mürşitpınar(Turkey side of Kobane border) and US base was 1 km away from there.

  16. Sorry but i will not believe for one second Turkey attacks US soldiers on purpose. Are we all ignoring the facts? The world got told the US pulled out due to the upcoming offensive so to blatantly blame Turkey or to accuse Turkish armed forces of targeting US soldiers without hard evidence is simply dumb.

    But if we go by what we know, artillery is not pin point accurate, US forces supposed to have pulled out and in war accidents can happen, especially blue on blue. It is a different story if we know for fact, if say someone in Turkey ordered to hit US soldiers then that is a completely different story that easily warrants a reaction but this? If you agree or disagree with Turkeys action in Northern Syria does not mean you should be calling out turkey for directly targeting US troops. What in hell would turkey gain from targeting US soldiers on purpose? Other than getting slapped silly by the US if they did what else would they gain? Absolutely nothing.

    US said US soldiers pulled out, this is on US hands not Turkeys unless you want to argue that the US did not know about an impending Turkish offensive into Northern Syria? US told the world their troops were pulled out and is their any injuries?

    Sorry but i have to believe the US? Just like into Iraq? Just like telling the world they pulled their troops out of NorthenrSyria? Believe the DoD? I’d rather believe North Korea at this point over the US due to their track record.

    Downvoted, bring it, does not make me any more wrong than what Turkey or the US is doing!

  17. Dumbest shit I’ve ever heard.

  18. Sure they did guys… That makes a ton of sense. Look at this U.S. servicemen who took a selfie! How could we not fight endless wars after that!

  19. C’mon, obviously not intentional, the last thing they want is US blood. With the way America is acting just now anything could happen

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