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Turkey .. New details in the case of espionage for the benefit of the UAE

Turkish media published new details about the man who was recently arrested by the Turkish intelligence services on charges of spying on Arab dissidents and journalists in Turkey for the benefit of the UAE.

According to what was published on Tuesday, the arrested was named Ahmed Al-Astal, a 45-year-old Palestinian from the Gaza Strip, who had Jordanian travel documents.

The National Radio and Television Corporation (TRT) said that Al-Astal has been living in Turkey for 7 years, and that the authorities accuse him of infiltrating one of the research centers run by the Muslim Brotherhood, claiming that he is an anti-UAE journalist.

She added that he is also accused of sending information to the UAE about Turkey’s relationship with countries around the world, especially Islamic countries, and providing his directors in Dubai with details regarding Turkey’s domestic and foreign policies, and it is believed that he prepared personal reports on Arab citizens residing in Turkey, in exchange for a monthly fee.

English-language broadcaster TRT World published what it said was a bank statement showing the sums the fleet had received.

She said that he worked for the UAE for 11 years, during which he received money estimated at $ 400,000, meaning that this relationship began years before his arrival to Turkey.

On the other hand, a statement was issued on behalf of the Al-Astal family on Tuesday, accusing Turkey of handling the matter in an “ambiguous” manner, and saying that any confessions made by Al-Astal should not be used under duress, according to the French Press Agency.

The Al-Astal family in Gaza said on social media on September 25 that Ahmed Al-Astal was “kidnapped” in Turkey 4 days ago.

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