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Turkey’s proxy army ‘looting, kidnapping and executing Kurds at random’ in north Syria ‘safe zone’

Turkey’s proxy army ‘looting, kidnapping and executing Kurds at random’ in north Syria ‘safe zone’

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  2. Oh there’s nothing random about it

  3. The only thing militias are good at on the battlefield is committing war crimes

  4. Nothing new under the sun

  5. Yo we used them for so long and now Turkey gets the blame for them.

    Also, what’s with the source? 2 random people… I don’t know which media outlet to believe anymore…

  6. Wasn’t USA’s proxy army beheading everyone and trying to overthrow assad

  7. A NATO country doing NATO things.

  8. Another day, another “this said that” type of an article. No proof as usual.

    Tomorrow: YPG sank 3 Turkish submarines and 2 aircraft carriers that were trying to enter Tell Abyad city in order to kill civilians.

    Day after: Turkey nuked 15 villages in North East Syria.

  9. Basically things US army did in the Iraq and Afghanistan.

  10. I simply do not believe western media anymore. Nobody cared about the ethnic cleansing by kurds in arab villages years ago. Simply because the victims were arabs. Nobody seems to remember because at the end of the day it was about a bunch of Muslims right? What a plot twist. Cry me a river…

  11. Very dependent story from independent.

  12. What about what US proxy army did in Syria

    Get off with this fake propaganda

  13. Wow turns out not holding a country responsible for past genocides means they will likely do it again, who would’ve thought

  14. Define safe.
    Erdogan: Well…

  15. So this is what Turkey understands under peace huh?

  16. can we right this wrong please

  17. Yeah no sh!t, exactly the same thing happened in Afrin last year.

  18. Not the police of the world they said.

  19. War is hell.

    Let’s all agree that keep every troop, dollar, and atom of military hardware out of the region forever.

  20. It’s not a safe zone, despite what Turkey calls it. They are attempting to expand their territory and commit genocide against the Kurds. Call it for what it is, an invasion.

  21. 4.4k upvotes = Greeks-Armenians-Kurds-Germans

    First three are trying to destroy Turkey to grab some lands and the third is trying to erase his GENOCIDAL past.

  22. you’re telling me that the country that freed all the isis captives is doing bad things?

  23. It’s nice to see you find less believers in the lies of terrorists. I would like to inform you.

    Your press is lying to you because they made huge mistakes. They ignored a terrorist organization to establish a Kurdish state in Syria. Now that terrorist organization (PKK) is organized in your country. Your Politicians are afraid of attacks in your country if terrorists don’t get what they want. They’re threatening by terrorists. This means that they will reveal their mistakes. This fear is so big, Turkey will terminate the migration to a safe zone but they still oppose.

    You can understand that yourself. Although the PKK is on the list of terrorists, they almost praise. They allow a lot of false news. They started to make proboganda through religion. The PKK and its derivatives is a communist organization with 25 years of Russian and Iranian support. There are still camps in Iran.

  24. Last week, senior ISIS commander, Taha Abdurrahim Abdullah, revealed that ISIS attacks against Kurds on Kobane were directed by ISIS chief Baghdadi under orders from Turkish President Erdogan. Another solid proof that Erdogan’s Ottoman Empire(?) is in collusion with ISIS and is a global threat.

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