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Turkish bank linked to Giuliani client charged with fraud, money laundering in New York

Turkish financial institution linked to Giuliani shopper charged with fraud, cash laundering in New York

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  1. This is the shittiest John Grisham book ever written.

  2. >On Tuesday, the Manhattan branch of the U.S. attorney’s office charged the Turkish state-run bank known as Halkbank with six counts of fraud, money laundering, and sanctions offenses. The move comes after Turkey spent years trying to get the U.S. to drop the case in question, **and after Trump himself tried to get the Justice Department to help Turkey out with that goal**.

    Once again, nothing less than poorly disguised obstruction-of-justice.


  3. Would they be putting Rudy in the same cell that Epstein was in?

  4. This is the best tl;dr I could make, [original](https://thehill.com/regulation/international/465934-turkish-bank-linked-to-giuliani-client-charged-with-fraud-money) reduced by 49%. (I’m a bot)
    > Federal prosecutors have charged a Turkish bank with ties to a former client of 's personal attorney in connection with an alleged scheme to evade sanctions on Iran, according to the U.S. Attorney's Office.

    > ADVERTISEMENT. "As alleged in today's indictment, Halkbank's systemic participation in the illicit movement of billions of dollars' worth of Iranian oil revenue was designed and executed by senior bank officials," U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of New York Geoffrey Berman said in a statement.

    > While Erdogan has denied Zarrab's allegations, the U.S. Attorney's office's statement says unnamed "High-ranking government officials in Iran and Turkey participated in and protected this scheme," with some of them accepting bribes worth tens of millions of dollars to promote the conspiracy, protect conspirators and conceal the scheme from regulatory scrutiny.

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  5. Guys, you have to destroy the coffins in his lair too, they’re full of soil from his homeland which he will use to create more Nosferudy’s.

  6. Literally selling allies out? Rudy, how low can you and sharpie boy go?

  7. this case was put into the freezer last year for reasons unknown then.



    prosecutor was fired and we have all forgotten the case. now it begins again. we will see how it goes.

  8. I think at this point everyone this man knows is a crook. Like I wouldn’t be surpised if they impeach trump and then in rapid sucession impeach pence just on suspcion and assumption he did something wrong.

  9. Let’s not forget this guy and the bush family who are joined at the hip with Saudis btw, let our guard completely down and ohhh goshed us into believing they played no part in letting it happen or the coverup… whipping us to back them at every cost, even personal privacy.

  10. I really hope Rudy faces justice but I have a feeling he’s never getting charged. I hope they find something irrefutable, assuming it’s exists obviously… I Feel like we’ve been here before & the biggest fish sadly always escapes justice

  11. And again we have to remember: trump raised 125 million last quarter.

  12. The blood on these peoples hands would make Satan jealous

  13. So Giuliani is Freddy Lomax

  14. Hello Tim! Call me when these matters, ok?

  15. Lawyer Has Sketchy Client
    details at 11

  16. Funny how they don’t do anything about this for years until they can use it as a weapon. “We’ll let you do multi-million dollar money laundering (but we’ll reserve the right to punish you if you don’t play the way we want you to)”

    But what about all those people struggling financially which are affected by this money laundering? “Can’t improve this school, lack of funding”.

  17. Don’t worry, he’ll get pardoned by Friday and we’ll go back to slimey stories like normal…

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