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Turkish condemnation of German police entering a mosque with shoes in Berlin

Fuad Oktay, Turkish Vice President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, expressed his strong condemnation of the German police raiding a mosque in the capital Berlin with shoes, and the Turkish Foreign Ministry condemned the incident.

Oktay said in a tweet on his Twitter account, that he strongly condemns the German police raid on Mevlana Mosque in the capital Berlin during dawn prayers in an “extremist and irresponsible manner.”

The Turkish vice president stressed the need for the public prosecutor in Berlin and its police to apologize to the Muslim community there because of that behavior.

Earlier Thursday, the Turkish Foreign Ministry strongly condemned the storming, and stated in a statement that the storming came within the framework of an investigation into the matter of Mali, adding that “this ugly act” ignored the sensitivity that must be shown towards the sanctity of places of worship.

The statement stressed that it is not possible in any way to justify wandering around the mosque with their shoes and contaminating the mosque under the pretext of the raid.

While the Public Prosecutor said in Berlin, on Wednesday, that the police had conducted an inspection of 5 facilities and a mosque as part of the ongoing investigations regarding donations collected illegally during the spread of the Corona virus.

It is noteworthy that the police conducted a search in the Mevlana Mosque with the participation of 150 security personnel, and the search coincided with the performance of the worshipers performing the dawn prayers, during which the police officers trampled their shoes on the prayer rugs, which sparked criticism of the worshipers and the administration of the mosque.

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