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Twitter deletes 20,000 fake accounts linked to Saudi, Serbian and Egyptian governments

Twitter deletes 20,000 fake accounts linked to Saudi, Serbian and Egyptian governments

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  1. Instead of deleting the accounts, they should be frozen, and all their tweets should be headlined with big red words to let people know why they have been frozen.

  2. I’m liking this recent twitter.

    Now do Russia and China.

  3. What about that one account linked to the US government that violated like every rule Twitter has?

  4. I don’t trust Twitter as a compass anymore than I would trust Google or YouTube or Facebook to be the shinning beacon of anything remote to morality. They care about a bottom line. Along with 20,000 bots they also allow people who show clear violation of their TOS by threatening violence and have actual calls to action to firebomb people who have differing opinions. But because the person who receives the complaints also thinks the subject of this call to action to firebomb is a prick their Twitter account stays active.

    It’s a very clear partisan tool, used by those who have the “correct” opinions. Shut the whole thing down, start from scratch.

  5. In case you were wondering…

    Twitter and Facebook are fucking terrible and you should not be on them.

    That is all. Good night.

  6. I call this a good start. Keep going.

  7. When will twitter start to delete propaganda accounts linked to American govt? You cannot just ignore the elephant in the room.

  8. Twitter is a weapon disguised as public opinion to sway public opinion used by various governments all around the world against each other. It’s beyond stupid now.

  9. Hilarious how Americans think their own government doesn’t do the same thing

  10. How about the fake MEK accounts that keep promoting war and sanctions on Iran? Twitter supports imperialism.

  11. Now, if only Reddit would do the same thing.

  12. I’m Serbian and I welcome these news. Accounts replying to our president’s tweets were so painfully and obviously bots. Unbelievably cringy.

  13. I am a doctor, had an account since 2009, 1000+ friends and had been sharing information about this virus. I am very anti-Trump and am very open about it. My profile has been silenced for the next 30 days for harassment, while thousands of trolls and bots operate freely.

  14. lol those are rookie numbers

  15. Imagine if mcdonalds had millions of fake hamburgers in circulation lol

  16. Too bad they couldn’t do the same for accounts linked to Russian, Israeli, US, and British governments, lol. But then, that might defeat the purpose.

  17. Hey Facebook… take some notes please!

  18. damn what about the fake American accounts?

  19. I mean this is good, but at the moment Russian and Chinese bots are a much bigger problem on there

  20. Thank god. Everything that helps fighting fake news, bring unbridled hatred under control and stop arrogant ignorance is always a must, but it’s essential in the tense climate this virus might lead to.

  21. What about American bots?

  22. Wish they would delete one #fakenews account in the US. Only need the one to clean 99% source of misleading news.

  23. It’s hilarious how easy it is to spot these bot accounts on almost any political issues.

    It astounds me that they can’t ban these within minutes of creation or just run through all the existing ones.

  24. Never the American ones though…

  25. But they kep the 1 million CCP bots from china…

  26. Or rather the dissenting accounts.

  27. Freedom of speech with US characteristics.

  28. Serbia is ruled by authoritarian whose idols are Erdogan, Putin and Xi. The fact is West supports him just because he has the job to recognize Kosovo and accept thousands of migrants.

  29. Didn’t the tweet also mention Honduras and Indonesia?

  30. The Egyptians probably supporting WHO and China.

  31. Which will be replaced with 100x more tomorrow

  32. I thiught they had their own Twatter.

  33. Awesome, good clean up.

  34. So I had not used my Twitter account for a year… and all of a sudden I decided to get back in… My account is blocked… I never posted anything nor do I plan to… and nor do I want to use Twitter anymore… Thanks

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