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Two fishermen were killed and their brother wounded in Gaza by Egyptian army fire

The Palestinian Fishermen Syndicate announced the killing of two fishermen, and the injury of their brother, by Egyptian army fire near the sea border with Egypt on Friday.

The union said, in a statement, that the Egyptian authorities will deliver the bodies of the two fishermen and their third brother this evening, Saturday, through the Rafah crossing.

According to the head of the Fishermen’s Syndicate in the Gaza Strip, Nizar Ayyash, the sources who revealed to them about the accident did not indicate the health status of the injured brother.

Ayyash stated that his union decided to close the Gaza Strip sea completely to fishing until Sunday afternoon, in protest against the killing of the fishermen, and in solidarity with their families.

The Egyptian army fired on a Palestinian fishing boat with three brothers on board, claiming it crossed the Egyptian maritime border with the Strip.

Al-Jazeera correspondent from the Gaza Strip, Wael Al-Dahdouh, said that the details of the incident are scarce, and that it depends mainly on the Egyptian account, which confirms that the three fishermen’s boat, who are from the Al-Zazooa family, entered Khan Yunis towards the Egyptian marine waters, prompting the soldiers to shoot.

He stated that many observers of the incident confirm that it was possible to resort to many means before the shooting and without causing harm, killing the fishermen and injuring their brother.

On Friday, the Palestinian Ministry of Interior in Gaza, “run by Hamas,” announced the loss of the traces of 3 fishermen near the strip’s maritime border with Egypt, while they were working.

The ministry’s spokesman, Iyad Al-Bazam, stated in a statement that the competent authorities are in contact with the Egyptian side to find out the fate of the fishermen.

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