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U.S. forces say Turkey was deliberately ‘bracketing’ American troops with artillery fire in Syria

U.S. forces say Turkey was intentionally ‘bracketing’ American troops with artillery fireplace in Syria

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  1. The US forces need to take out the offending Turkish artillery position. That will make things nice and clear.

  2. Straight from the playbook of Putin

  3. Youd think abandoning allies were a war crime. It sure as fuck should be.

  4. With dear close friends and allies like Turkey, who needs enemies?

  5. What exactly does “bracketing” mean in this situation?

  6. In the old days, if our boys fell under fire we would try to start a semi-just war. How the mighty have fallen.

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  8. Is turkey wanted to attack American troops they could have done it at any time prior. Additionally turkey absolutely does not wish to get into an actual military confrontation with the United States. What is more likely the case is that Trump assured turkey that US Special Forces had been removed as he had stated on TV multiple days prior, then certain elements of Trumps Shadow government slipped turkey some coordinates of some supposed Kurdish Fighters, the setting up an attack buy turkey on American troops. Just like George Bush telling Iraq it was okay to attack Kuwait and then a few weeks later using that as an excuse to go to war, my belief is that Trump in an attempt to deflect from the impeachment and bolster his ratings and support, set up a Shabby half-assed attempt to kill us service members for his own political gain. Nothing else makes sense as turkey would not willingly go head-to-head with the United States and artillery strikes are targeted attacks that require coordinates and reconnaissance. Either turkey attacked the US troops willingly expecting to get into a wider war with the United States or they attacked them accidentally determine that are based on false information. As noted turkey relies heavily upon the United States for arms and other such support oh, and has shown at every turn prior to deeply desire to avoid any confrontations with the United States. Why then would they attack a special forces encampment knowingly? This would not make sense in any way. However a false flag attack poorly carried out being used as an excuse to start a war and that’s control headlines and political opinion is certainly right in line with Trump’s normal Playbook.

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