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UBS: There are now 2,101 billionaires globally, up 40% in 5 years

UBS: There are now 2,101 billionaires globally, up 40% in 5 years

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  1. 2,101 *known* billionaires

  2. There’s actually a lot, lot, lot more.

    The modern mega rich have learned to keep a VERY low profile. In some Scandinavian countries it is estimated walking around for a week guarantees you passed at least one billionaire and NOBODY knew it.

  3. And inflation has been low over the last 5 years, and over the last 30 years for that matter; these aren’t Zimbabwe-esque paper-billionaires, there are tons of genuinely really really rich people and the trend is accelerating.

  4. For context, if you earned $100,000 a year (after taxes and expenses), it would take you 10,000 years to save up a billion dollars.

  5. And zero Batmans. That’s why we can’t trust them.

  6. Nigerian billionaire here.
    Number 1,418 on the list.
    Do you want to know how I became rich ?
    I plan on sharing my secret with only ten people.
    Don’t miss out..send your info now.

  7. This is good news for mom-and-pop super yacht builders.

  8. how much has money supply grown and affected this statistic?

  9. So, more rich means more poor if the current trend is any indicator. The growing divide in society is breeding discontent and rebellion.

  10. Yep and food banks, homeless and child poverty are on the rise also, it appears, the 2 101 are seriously overcharging for what ever they are selling.

  11. I’m sure it’ll start trickling down any day now!

  12. And guess what?

    YOU ‘AINT ONE OF THEM (and never will be)

    So stop defending them, and defending the corrupt system that funnels wealth up like this. It is blatant and shameful.

    Edit: LOL at some of you folks on here vociferously defending billionaires. When will they have *enough* wealth compared to the rest of society that you’ll agree it is a problem? For context if you’ve saved diligently and have a net worth of 750k you’re doing pretty good! But a billionaire still has 133,000x more wealth than you. And that is a billionaire. Not a tens of billions or hundreds of billionaire

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