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UK calls in army and warns people to stay home or face lockdown

UK calls in army and warns people to stay home or face lockdown

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  1. Clickbait article, but:

    I’ll confirm. People aren’t following the advice to use social distancing. Many think it’s propaganda or scare mongering. Restaurants, cafes and pubs got told to shut down but they kept open and many of them did it under the pretence that they were takeaways, but allowing customers to sit inside. The general public aren’t taking this seriously at all and consider “it’s only a flu” or “there’s only a 3% chance of death” as they walk around crowded beach resorts. It’s really bad in the uk because it turns out we Brit’s are stubborn and arrogant or we don’t care as long as it doesn’t happen to us.

  2. So many English people not listening to the advice of social distancing and it’s gross.

    My bfs friend lives in London with roommates, one of whom was infected (tested positive for Corona) and BFF self quarantined himself and his girlfriend. The other housemates were like “eh” and continued going outside without taking any precautions, without any care for anyone else. So it’s about damn time they do something.

  3. Makes you wonder – how many , where and when or is it all talk. And wouldnt it make sense to deliver basic groceries to hospitals for the staff – so they aren’t having to risk themselves and everyone else in a supermarket? I mean if I can think of that – Where are those super intelligent advisors again? As suppose we can wait till the smoke clears to say why, after all the warnings and years of talk of biological attacks , the places didnt have supplies stashed away ready.

    Edit clarification

  4. London is going to get it so so fucking bad. So many people, such a major transport hub: it’s been spreading for weeks and is just waiting to activate.

  5. is this the prequel to v for vendetta?

  6. This is the archetypal crystallisation of the bullshit government response from the start. News comes out in paywalled articles and unsourced statements, trial balloons to see what the public reaction will be.

    The public can react on its own – what we need is leadership.

    Look at the nonsense with the pubs. The government “advised” them to close. Could have ordered them closed, in which case they would have closed, and all those small businesses would have been able to claim on their insurance. The Tories just wanted to shift the costs to the little guy.

    Now this. Is it a lockdown or isn’t it? Johnson comes on the TV like a disappointed schoolteacher complaining that people don’t follow his vague and ever-changing advice. He wanted to become PM badly enough, now is the time to do it.

  7. = 2 weeks extra, just spreading the virus

    = 2 weeks too late for some. We are projected to have an extra 35-70 thousand extra deaths and suffering

    And those numbers are ” acceptable ” to the UK Prime Minister’s favourite ~~controller~~ adviser Dominic Cummings

    We could have locked this down like France, Germnay, Italy, Spain etc etc

  8. Better late than never I guess. Let’s hope its not too late… Keep in mind it takes up to a week or two to see any results.

  9. The amount of social media post, even within my circle framing this as a freedom grab by the government is staggering. And it’s really hard for me to even attempt challenging that belief because that is their reality and they just argue my reality is distorted. Frustrating indeed.

  10. Finally UK is doing something! Not just ignoring the virus spreading all around

  11. Yeah, at this pt, you guys are really gonna be italy 2.0.

  12. These cant be the same people thay were asked for an opinion on running the country back in 2016, far more rational in the olden days.

  13. I’m BEEN telling you!
    This V For Vendetta shit is about to kick off!

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