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UK mobile carriers ask people to stop burning 5G towers

UK mobile carriers ask people to stop burning 5G towers

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  1. But Reddit told me just yesterday it was just two drunkards in Manchester or something…

  2. Why do 5G towers burn?

    Cause they’re made of wood!

  3. Can everyone just stop being stupid for a little while? 5G isn’t going to kill you, and it has absolutely nothing to do with Corona.

  4. You cant ask people to stupid being stupid.

  5. Karen really needs to chill

  6. Although the alleged link between 5g and the novel coronavirus is pure idiocy, we should not downplay the possible health effects of 5g.

    The reason for the widespread information that Wi-Fi is completely harmless is because of the current indutsry testing standards – we measure purely thermal effects, those are indeed inconsequential, but there are far more adverse effects to other components of our cellular machinery that we are not too aware of yet.

    A relevant passage from an article below: “The failure of the “safety guidelines” to predict biological effects and therefore safety means that these are not safety guidelines.  Consequently, any claims of safety made by the multi-trillion euro telecommunications industry based on these “safety guidelines” are simply fraudulent.

    This is best documented by dr. Martin L. Pall’s research.


    Note that this is not just about 5g, but about all electromagnetic fields. 5g is simply the worst offender due to its pulsation effects.

    Wider article here: https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S0013935118300355?via%3Dihub

  7. This new 5G technology is literally fire.

  8. “but they mess up our oxygen!!!” 🙂

  9. I mean this is useless right it is not like the people tought it was fine before and now they say dont do it do they really think it will change anything?

  10. Lmao, seriously. So many dumb fucks in UK?

  11. I thought the U.K was smarter than us Americans.

  12. I am all for 5G, but it would have been much better not to rush it for many reason. First it’s using China to provide the technology, second is that health effect are not properly understood.

  13. Ugh, I really don’t understand why we are getting 5G. I still remember when we got 4G and I don’t think there’s enough research and time on our hands to understand long time effects. Not long ago people scoffed at the idea of cigarettes leading to cancer, but now we know better.

    We haven’t had this technology long enough to fully understand how it affects the human body over time and generations. I don’t wanna be a guinea pig, I’m kinda glad there are people out there at least trying to raise awareness.

  14. Just throw them off the edge you libtards!

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