1. The irony is that one of the reasons for Brexit was EU food standards which the UK had veto power over. So, “retaking sovereignty” is actually giving up regulations on which you had veto power to embrace regulations on which you have no power. We should also remember that America went to war with Britain over “taxation without representation” … this trade deal is exactly that.

  2. I think he underestimates our witless inability to compromise. Just ’cause we’ve shot ourselves in one foot doesn’t mean we aren’t stupid enough to shoot ourselves in the other.

  3. >One of the most controversial practices is washing chicken with chlorine to kill germs, which is banned in the EU. This is not because the wash itself is harmful but over fears that treating meat with chlorine at the end allows poorer hygiene elsewhere in the production process.

  4. “If there was something wrong with it our federal inspection systems would not be allowing us to use that,” he added. Yeah OK, like the majority of American Laws ad Regulations aren’t bought and paid for by the corporate lobby machine. The fact that US is one of the least healthy of the so called first world nations. The fact that we have stupidly lax food safety laws and our food is overpriced and the general public is being price gouged on a regular basis. Fuck this guy.

  5. Would be nice if there was some big powerful union that you could hide behind that could protect you from having to adopt lower food safety and quality standards. Some union of countries that you could be a part of. A sort of… European Union?

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