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UK: New Downing Street adviser called for legally enforcing ‘universal contraception’ to stop ‘permanent underclass’

UK: New Downing Street adviser called for legally enforcing ‘universal contraception’ to stop ‘permanent underclass’

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  1. This dude sounds like something out of a Nationstates game.

  2. Also from this article: Shadow Cabinet Office minister Jon Trickett said: “There are really no words to describe Boris Johnson’s appointment as one of his senior advisers a man who is on record as supporting the forced sterilization of people he considers not worthy. He must, of course, be removed from this position immediately.”

    If I may, the word you would use: Eugenics.

  3. You can also solve that problem by sharing resources and educating people.

  4. Oh, that’s not what I was hopping the title meant. I mean, it could have meant that everyone was legally allowed access to contraception whether or not their parents agreed.

    That’s not what he meant. That’s not what he meant at all.

    Holy fuck.

  5. [That is almost exactly from a British Comedy Sketch Show.](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=owI7DOeO_yg) How fucking evil are these people.

  6. Income inequality has created an elite ruling class that borders on psychopathic. Maybe beyond the border.

  7. “One way to get around the problems of unplanned pregnancies, creating a permanent underclass would be to legally enforce universal uptake of long-term contraception and the onset of puberty,” he wrote. “Vaccination laws give it a precedent, I would argue.”

    In another post circulated on Twitter, Sabisky claimed black Americans had a lower average IQ than white people and were more likely to have an “intellectual disability”. He also tweeted: “I am always straight up in saying that women’s sport is more comparable to the Paralympics than it is to men’s.”


  8. Imagine stopping the permanent underclass by increasing wages at the same rate of inflation, and taxing the rich and corporations appropriately.


  9. The wealthy only need so many to serve them.

  10. Prime Minister, Joseph Goebbels is here to see you.

    I know you shouldn’t compare people to Nazis, but yea, this guy has some rather concerning views.

  11. It actually has echoes of Keith Joseph’s 1974 ‘Edgbaston speech’ (the one which effectively ruled him out of the leadership race!). This sort of thing needn’t be new to the Tories

    I’ve dug it out for those of you unfamiliar with it

    “The balance of our population, our human stock is threatened. A recent article in Poverty, published by the Child Poverty Action Group, showed that a high and rising proportion of children are being born to mothers least fitted to bring children into the world and bring them up. They are born to mother who were first pregnant in adolescence in social classes 4 and 5.

    Many of these girls are unmarried, many are deserted or divorced or soon will be. Some are of low intelligence, most of low educational attainment. They are unlikely to be able to give children the stable emotional background, the consistent combination of love and firmness which are more important than riches. They are producing problem children, the future unmarried mothers, delinquents, denizens of our borstals, sub-normal educational establishments, prisons, hostels for drifters.

    Yet these mothers, the under-twenties in many cases, single parents, from classes 4 and 5, are now producing a third of all births. A high proportion of these births are a tragedy for the mother, the child and for us.”

    – Just as a footnote. Joseph was often considered to be Margaret Thatcher’s leading philosophical advisor and undoubtedly one of her favourites

  12. The term he’s looking for is eugenics, what a fucking fool.

  13. I mean, this is really fuckin crazy shit right? Like… really crazy shit? What the fuck is going on in the world right now?

  14. Holy shit, I guess people feel comfortable being openly Malthusian now

  15. The 2020’s is a little too much like the 1920’s for my tastes.

  16. Hearing eurogenics and Boris Johnson. In the same sentence. Really makes me think. How satire, modern day politics has become.

  17. > According to the Mail on Sunday, Mr Sabisky also posted to the website run by Mr Cummings, saying existing vaccination laws could pave the way for mandatory birth control.

    Great…we’re going to get a new measles outbreak because this asshole wants to impose forced sterilization.

  18. This is a difficult subject that never gets discussed sensibly. In a nutshell, the uneducated breed more and the long term trajectory of the societal impact of this is dismal.

  19. What they advocate: Sterilizing people who earn less money.

    What we SHOULD advocate: Eliminating disease, improving human physique, creating stronger and smarter human beings, and ascending the human race to godhood.

    We are not ready for this science. Not because turning a baby into superman wouldn’t be cool, but because the elites are fucking stupid.

    Time and time again, bureaucrats with a control fetish keep giving eugenics a bad name.

  20. I thought that’s why they’re trying to ruin their healthcare system.

  21. Sometimes I’m so conflicted. On one hand I don’t want to sit and literally watch the UK become the next nazi regime, on the other hand, killing them seems like the road to the least deaths. If anyone with a time machine could just pop into the future on a scouting mission to see how we tackle this that would be great.

  22. But also like, don’t have kids you can’t afford. It’s not fair to bring a kid into poverty or malnutrition or homelessness.

  23. …recently in lovely England, we had a Brexit Day =

    [EIN VOLK, EIN REICH, EIN BREXIT](https://i.redd.it/wtomv8gqpeb41.jpg)

  24. The wealthy don’t want to get rid of the lower classes. At least not until they can fully automate production.

    A reduced work force would drive up labor costs.

  25. Why can’t they start with the dangerous criminals with very violent track record ? No point in such people having kids.

  26. Funny how its conservative relgious fuckheads who push back against cheap BC and mandatory sex-ed and then suddenly a fuckstain like this comes along and gets praised for “out of the box” thinking.

  27. You stop a permanent underclass by increasing the porosity between classes. Better access to educational opportunities is a start. Most programs are focused on college and high school, it may be too late by then. We need to focus on creating early childhood educational opportunities for children of working class parents.

  28. A more positive way to achieve some of the goal would be to make long term contraceptives available for free, like subdermal, with a reminder system for replacements and take the opportunity to give sex education. If that was normalised for sexually active young women it would save them from having to take the pill and save some unwanted pregnancies and many abortions. “Legally enforced” can fuck right off though.

  29. I thought we all decided eugenics was not the answer

  30. Oh he sounds like a real charmer.

  31. Someone been reading Brave New World?

  32. If contraceptives were side affect free we wouldn’t need legislation.

    This would basically be forcing teenage girls to take a chemical shitstorm against their wishes.

    It’s unworkable and nasty.

  33. They are going to wash them with chlorine inside and out.

    Just another oven ready chicken.

  34. OK, so I strongly disagree with him, but the comments in this thread are bullshit.

    He’s not talking about sterilizing some people. He’s not talking about eugenics at all.

    He’s talking about unplanned young pregnancies being a driver of poverty. He’s taking the authoritarian approach of make everyone take contraception up to a certain age, so that it stops happening.

    I believe just funding and making available contraception and sex education is a much saner approach than turning the government into such an invasive entity.

  35. What do you get when you feed the poor? More poor. If you want to help the underclass, step 1, make contraception universally available and affordable. Having children is extremely limiting, expensive and time consuming.

  36. This is the future. China’s one child policy is what every country will be forced to emulate if the human population continues to grow unchecked.

    Universal birth control is a good idea. It would allow women to delay children until they are educated and financially set.

    The concept sounds Nazi-like, but think of all social ills. Youth violence, welfare dependency, etc. All of that is dramatically reduced if women only have children when they can properly care for them.

  37. The Nazis (ww2 and also usa) had similar programs, now the UK as well. Congrats with Brexit.

  38. People who spout nonsense like this should be shot on the spot.

  39. There is no way you can ever remove the “lower class” under any economic system. Even in full bore communism there are serfs and the wealthy.

  40. Yay for eugenics! Yay for failing to learn from history and being doomed to repeat it!

  41. Oh shit! How will the brexiteers replicate now?

  42. The English, ladies and gentlemen.

  43. >”Vaccination laws give it a predecent, I would argue.”

    I’ve never had second thoughts about mandatory vaccinations before…

  44. Nazism is just in full force across the planet, isnt it? It’s entirely ironic that the last bastion of democracy will probably be Germany. The French stand a good chance as well, but I suspect both Italy and Spain will be facing the same issues sooner then later.

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