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UK police record 51% rise in modern slavery offences in a year

UK police record 51% rise in modern slavery offences in a year

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  1. Just amazed this keeps coming back.

    Additional data would be needed before jumping to conclusions, but education will have to play a key role. These people don’t just need help, they need to know what is available and that they will be protected.

  2. Fascinating

    Any other data?

  3. So are we all going to pretend we don’t know the reason for this?

  4. There are more slaves in the world today than there ever have been in history before.

  5. but they are only smart entrepreneurs , they are good for the economy, they create jobs /s

  6. You have fucked yourself, England. But hey, at least you are not *racist*.

    England will be worse than Baltimore in 10 or 20 years.

  7. this is of course white men enslaving darker skinned girls yes? s/

  8. I honestly think that a global attack on civilian rights is taking place.

    Big money corporations have captured governments across the globe and the rich are trying to devalue average human life to such an extent that they can enslave us all into poverty driven servitude, where our opinions are shuttled into online spaces ignored by the powerful and censored to fit corporate optics.

    I am not declaring war, I am saying that war has been declared on all the citizens of the globe.

    The monster of the wealthy and the sick thoughts that they have…. they have started this war, I am not inciting violence by acknowledging their attacks.

    The people must choose what to do next, as the corporations of the globe have shown time and time again that they believe us to serve them…

    We will chose to struggle for our freedoms or allow our corporate crafted fears to dominate us.

    Hopefully people chose the path that leads to a morally just nation.. Otherwise, we will be made sick and weakened to such a point that we will give our autonomy to those pigs who would feed from us for all of time.

  9. That means it’s been going on forever and they are just getting lazy. So since the beginning of humanity till now we have recorded cases of slavery. Straight from the fields to the Nike factory. And that makes Slave the oldest profession, along with slave master.

  10. Boris is doing such a good job busting these now he is PM! HOORAY!

  11. And they’re terrified to actually investigate the rest of the cases because the culprits would get offended and call on their outrage mob.

  12. It’s all over the developing world but western countries look the other way for business reasons.

  13. Some things never disappear…

  14. Yes, and that’s because they keep changing the definition to be more broad and less useful.

  15. I’ve been there I only hope people can escape this, I’m trying my best.

  16. The UK should know. They were the masters of slavery.

  17. surprise that’s what you get with fascist’s in charge

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