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Ukraine agency says allegations against Burisma cover period before Biden joined

Ukraine company says allegations towards Burisma cowl interval earlier than Biden joined

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    > Ukraine would open an investigation into the period when Hunter Biden was involved with Burisma if there were compelling new testimony in Ukraine, Nazar Kholodnytsky, the head of anti-corruption investigations at Ukraine's Prosecutor's Office, said on Novoye Vremya radio.

    > The investigation into Burisma covers a period when Ukraine was governed by a Kremlin ally, Viktor Yanukovich.

    > Trump wants Ukraine to investigate the Biden family, accusing Joe Biden of strongarming the Ukrainian authorities, including the then President Petro Poroshenko, to fire General Prosecutor Viktor Shokin in 2016 to protect his son.

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  3. The same statement was made by former Ukrainian Foreign Minister Pavlo Klimkin. He told the BBC that investigation into Burisma was ongoing before Biden’s son joined board and that Hunter Biden was never a focus of any investigation.

  4. You realize that’s completely inconsequential right? The investigation still would’ve yanked the company and cost Hunter Biden the $50k/month he was getting. Stopping the investigation was still done to benefit him.

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