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US expat opens fire on crowd of Chilean protesters

US expat opens fire on crowd of Chilean protesters

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  1. >>”I did not do anything wrong,” Cobin said in a video filmed just before his arrest. “It was a very dangerous, very scary time for me. Thankfully, I had my gun to be able to defend myself.”

    >>>After speeding his ute through a crowd of people, video of the scene shows, Cobin shot his gun at demonstrators five times.

    Its always tough when you have to defend yourself by firing into a crowd five times…

  2. Seems more like a “U.S. immigrant”

    i saw the video. fuck this guy.

  3. “American acts exactly like how everyone thinks Americans act.”

  4. >In 2012, he helped three other Americans found a libertarian compound in the mountains, “Galt’s Gulch,” named for the fictional capitalist haven in Ayn Rand’s Atlas Shrugged.

    Oh man I remember seeing some fluffy documentary about Galt’s Gulch and I couldn’t help but think how insufferable it would be to be around a bunch of shitty libertarians all day. Imagine my surprise that a libertarian paradise turns out to be an incubator for white nationalist terrorists lmao

    like fuckin clockwork

  5. *us neonazi tries to go mass shooter after voluntarily speeding over passerby with his car, get arrested

    Crazy how that newspaper goes out of its way to attempt to whitewash him and portray the would be terrorist in a sympathic light. “neoconfederate libertarian neoliberalist right winger” when talking about another atomwaffen-like nutjob who laud pinochet and mass murder, really ?

    Also lol calling conservative his accointances known to pose with hitler pictures in the background

    > “When they show off machetes, we’ll have the most massive firearms legally allowed in this country, and shoot to kill,” he said. “Not shoot at their legs, [but] straight in the heart so no witnesses are left.”

    Sounds premeditated to me

  6. >he had grown sick of political correctness, eroding family values and high taxes

    Family values: Got arrested for domestic violence, divorced his wife and married a new wife from another country.

  7. I like that he’s trying to paint himself as a victim, that he was protecting himself from some protestors but he was the one who was armed and in a car.

    Also, you’re not an expat if you’ve lived in a country for decades with no plans to return, I wish the media would stop using this word incorrectly just because someone is white in a non-white country, that’s just harping back to the colonial usage of the term which isn’t used nowadays.

  8. Good thing he also recorded a confession.

  9. I like how American immigrants get called such a cool sounding word “expat” instead of alien or immigrant or some shit. What a hypocritical load of double-speak bullshit.

  10. You can call him a terrorist even though he’s white, guys. It’s not that hard.

  11. Not content with mass shootings at home, Americs decided to export the practice to other countries.

  12. Expat? He’s an immigrant.

  13. This guy was a far-right Republican/Libertarian in the US. Xenophobia runs rampant in those crowds.

    I’m not surprised he used this opportunity to kill foreigners.

  14. So now we are exporting this bullshit?

  15. America is not sending their best to Chile, it would seem.

  16. If you ever wanted an example of preferential media coverage, this is a good one. Right away we’re straight into giving him a clear personality so that the reader can empathise with him, and we don’t actually get to read about the crime until the FIFTH PARAGRAPH. In the fourth one, it looks like he’s just defending himself.

    After that, it gives him a full biography, explains his history in the country and even platforms a video of his.

    You can attribute this to American v non-American privilege, or to white privilege, or the power of being ‘known’ and celebrity status, but one way or another this should not be happening.

  17. This is the best tl;dr I could make, [original](https://www.smh.com.au/world/south-america/us-expat-who-espouses-neoliberalism-opens-fire-on-chilean-protesters-20191112-p539nc.html) reduced by 92%. (I’m a bot)
    > Cobin's unusual story took a violent turn this weekend, when he drove through one of the many crowds that have paralysed Chile in recent weeks as they protest income inequality and a high cost of living.

    > After speeding his ute through a crowd of people, video of the scene shows, Cobin shot his gun at demonstrators five times.

    > After Cobin opened fire, a barefoot protester threw an object toward Cobin, who responded with more shots in the direction of the demonstrators.

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  18. Attempted murder? They should try him as a terrorist and, after he’s served his sentence, strip him of his permanent residency and deport him.

  19. Americans going to other countries to kill random people. What’s new?

  20. An immigrant from the US, I think it should read.

  21. Dude, come on. Your not in America. You can’t just shoot dozens of people and expect nothing to happen.

  22. >After speeding his ute

    …I’m sorry what?

  23. I think you’ve meant “immigrant”. I guess now Right has more proof that immigrants are murderous psychos 😉 /s

  24. We are sorry the pain that expat has caused and want you to know that you should prosecute him to the fullest extent of the laws of your country. There is no need to be politically correct for he despises such thoughts and acts, call him what he is, a racist. Also try not to spend to much on his sentence, he also hates taxes and government spending. A cheap rope and a convenient tree might be the most efficient way to satisfy his beliefs and dispense the justice he deserves.

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