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US Navy launches live-fire missiles in ‘warning to China’ | South China Morning Post

US Navy launches live-fire missiles in ‘warning to China’ | South China Morning Post

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  1. God damn. It’s not even April yet.Can we at least spread out our nearly species ending events by at least a month?

    Fucking 2020, man.

  2. China has been using lasers on U.S. Navy Aircraft and flying into Taiwan’s airspace as well as launching drones in the Indian ocean. This is merely a reminder to China that the U.S is prepared to counter any threats from them.

  3. “The US Navy was targeting China with live-fire missile tests”

    Calm down people. This news article is clearly sensationalized and using hyperbole. Poorly worded hyperbole at that… almost intentionally to show something that isn’t there.

  4. https://www.forbes.com/sites/hisutton/2020/03/21/image-shows-chinese-boat-ramming-taiwanese-coast-guard/

    This was a response to a bunch of Chinese vessels or having a Taiwanese coast guard ship.

    Live firing a missile towards the ocean, not directed at any Chinese vessel, sends the same response as when Iran launching airstrike on mostly evacuated US bases after we killed their general.

    Russia does the same thing to us, when we piss them off, they send a couple bombers off the coast of Alaska. We obviously scrambled jets to intercept, which is why you always hear about the US intercepting Russian bombers.

    It’s a way for the leaders to basically say you got to chill out without actually escalating the situation.

    Every non NATO country acts provocative towards NATO countries, and NATO does the same.

    Here’s one from a week ago about them intruding on Irish airpspace.

    When you consider costs, firing a $500,000 million missile into Posideon is cheaper than deploying ships as a show of force.

  5. Because US have plenty of missiles but no unnecessary stuff like medical equipment or face masks.

  6. Nice to see the war machine alive and well.

  7. Wow that joke a month ago about how the USA would just try and solve covid19 by shooting it with a gun came to life

  8. This is from a site called the South China Morning Post…take these news with a grain of salt.

  9. Perfectly justified response to Chinese provocation, they instigated this by targeting US aircraft flying over Taiwan with lasers.

    Taiwan is not China, and it will never be China. I’d rather see the entire world drown in nuclear fire than cede a single grain of Taiwanese sand to the CCP.

  10. Considering the degree of malevolence with which the Maoists have been behaving for the last 5 years in particular, they need to be reminded that there’s a bigger kid on the playground who isn’t gonna put up with their shit much longer.

    China’s lies and coverups and more lies about the coronavirus – whatever it’s origins – will be responsible for tens of thousands, probably hundreds of thousands of deaths around the world, and who knows how many trillions in economic devastation.

  11. China’s Government has provided false information again and again about this virus, silenced the 8 first whistle-blowers when they initially discovered COVID-19 in Wuhan for claims of misinformation, and now has stopped testing people in Wuhan (the reason Wuhan is now reporting 0 new cases). The US is speaking for the free world and for the people suffering in China

  12. Well you knew this was going to pop off somewhere in the world, but I thought it’d be Russia digging further into Ukraine like an Alabama tick. 2020 is feeling like Thunderdome right about now: “Two man enter. One man leave.”

  13. Trump trying to show the world that he’s not a complete idiot….

    Oh, wait a minute……

  14. Well, we almost had a WW3 in January and that didn’t happen. May as well poke the country with sensitive egos and forced “education” camps for millions of specific people

  15. When the horse is out of the stable and labor realizes they’ve been slow walked into unnecessary neo-feudalism the only trick the capitalist class will have left is a massive war. It’ll be in the interest of both the CCP and the GOP/DNC to go to war over Taiwan as a way of galvanising support while they restart the economic engine.

  16. No common sense any more it’s sad!

  17. While China has been continually showing these behaviors, it seems like this virus taking hold would create a great advantage for China seeing the weakened state of the US. I smell a bat…

  18. wonder why we dont have N95 masks or breathing machines because trump is a fucking moron

  19. What’s the fuck wrong with USA? Even NK seem more mature.

  20. What a great time for China to pull some shit and invade. Western infantry weakened.

    Planned all along.

  21. Classic American warmongering. Wouldn’t be surprised if the government started a war just to distract from its utter failure to contain the coronavirus.

  22. right cuz a pissing contest with china seems like the smart move right now

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