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US neo-Nazi faces $12.9m fine for sending racist robocalls

US neo-Nazi faces $12.9m fine for sending racist robocalls

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  1. Why can’t they do the same for the people trying to contact me about my car’s extended warranty? Or the people telling me my social security number is being suspended?

  2. Good, let’s discourage others to do the same.

  3. Good. The type that have no empathy for other people never seem to lack sensitivity when it comes to their wallets.

  4. Sounds like he’s GOP congressman material.

  5. I might be dumb – but what exactly is a robocall?

  6. As if this idiot has 2 nickles to rub together. Flog him through town on Main St. and be done with it. And let’s all hope it’s a long Main Street.

  7. Clickbait title, His racist views have nothing to do with the fine, he got it for faking his caller ID info, from the article;

    “The FCC [added](https://docs.fcc.gov/public/attachments/DOC-362195A1.pdf) that the calls “appears to have used an online calling platform to intentionally manipulate caller ID information so that the calls he was making appeared to come from local numbers”, thus violating the 2009 Truth in Caller ID Act.”

  8. He’ll just dip into his Swiss gold account…

  9. >The calls were timed to coincide with elections or other prominent news events.

    When you have guys like this, do you even need Russian interference?

  10. Now all we need is for the neo-Nazi jury or neo-Nazi judge to actually do what the law says.

  11. Any robo call, answer, remain silent, after 10 seconds they hang up. The “robot” is triggered by you saying hi or it hearing your outgoing voicemail message.

  12. What’s the big deal? He was just Making America Great Again.

  13. Yeah, he’s totally gonna pay that fine.

  14. You don’t need to follow the link to know who that idiot supports.

  15. Sounds like something Clinton would do

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