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US Oil executives arrested in Venezuela after Guaidó visit to White House

US Oil executives arrested in Venezuela after Guaidó visit to White House

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  1. What the hell were they still doing in Venezuela in 2017? Joshua Holt sparked a huge international crisis in 2016 when he was arrested on false charges and shut up in a Venezuelan prison. These guys freaking retarded.

  2. This is the best tl;dr I could make, [original](https://thehill.com/policy/international/481841-us-oil-executives-arrested-in-venezuela-after-guaido-visit-to-white) reduced by 47%. (I’m a bot)
    > Six U.S. oil executives previously under house arrest in Venezuela were detained by police Wednesday night following self-declared interim President Juan Guaidó's visit to the White House.

    > ADVERTISEMENT. The ruling government of Nicolás Maduro has yet to comment on the arrests, according to the AP, which come shortly after Guaidó was a guest at 's State of the Union address on Tuesday and met with Trump at the White House.

    > The Trump administration has publicly supported Guaidó since shortly after the Venezuelan politician and former National Assembly leader declared himself the country's interim leader, though he has failed to win support from the country's military forces.

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  3. They some good boys who didn’t do anything. I’m sure the board and staff of Citgo has nothing to do with this Guaido business.

  4. ? guilt by association or something??

  5. Great to see that the US under Trump is openly supporting a guy who self declared himself president. Gone are the days of the Monroe Doctrine, clandestine funding of terrorist groups in Latin America and shady deals with sympathetic generals. We move on now to overt support of whoever the fuck does what we want no matter the cost or optics.

  6. That’s not good. We might have another international event on our hands.

  7. I’ll be completely honest we should arrest all oil executives for poisoning the earth, good on Venezuela and Maduro here.

  8. What did you (the general you) expect a Soveriegn nation to do? Just sit there and take the CIA coup? It was stupid to invite him to SOTU. It was even stupider Pelosi had a press conference with him.

  9. Anyone saw the latest season of Jack Ryan?

    Yeah, that show pretty much predicted what’s going on in Venezuela from US perspective.

  10. Anyone and everyone who backed the coup should be jailed

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