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US Overtakes Italy in Covid-19 Cases

US Overtakes Italy in Covid-19 Cases

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  2. Good chance of passing China by the end of the day as well…

    It’s absolutely crazy how fast it is rising in the USA – we’re talking multiple days of 10K+ new cases, and that’s assuming we’re not testing everyone

    And before people mention: Yes, most countries’ reported cases are probably understated simply cause not everyone is getting tested.

  3. Americans, dont hear what Trump says, stay in your houses!

  4. Soon comes the sobering, painful reality. Tomorrow will have worse numbers and by Monday there’ll be so much thoughts and prayers banging around the military is gonna have to straighten shit out.

    Good luck America.

  5. and china

    and Mars

    and Saturn

    and Rigel-7

  6. As numbers would dictate. ~350 million vs ~65 million.

  7. For anyone interested, here is a great resource for the following:

    [You can see the daily US test totals here](https://covidtracking.com/us-daily/)

    [And the test totals broken down by state here](https://covidtracking.com/data/)

    New York state is the only populated state testing on a large scale like South Korea. They alone account for 25% of the tests despite having 6% of the US population.

    Populated at-risk states like California, Texas, and Florida are severely lagging.

  8. We have over 6 times the population.. is this a surprise?

  9. Journalism is the rough draft of history, and already the vague outlines of the greater story are becoming clear: the Trump administration specifically and the United States government more generally have failed to keep Americans safe. At the beginning of the crisis, President Trump himself ignored the advice of experts and downplayed the significance of the virus, comparing it to the flu. He had already dismantled public health structures and removed scientists, even as his administration failed to fill numerous posts in the bureaucracy responsible for public health and for pandemic response. He and other members of his administration also failed to act on very clear intelligence reports about the coming pandemic, which were available in January and February. He has failed to use his powers as commander-in-chief to increase production of ventilators, masks, and other items necessary on the front lines, to say nothing about declaring a national lockdown. We still don’t have full information about what happened in China, but at this point, it’s beginning to seem as though China’s response was superior to that of the United States of America. Of course, there is still a lot we don’t know, and much will happen in the coming weeks. It will be interesting to see how the narratives evolve.

  10. We’re number one! We’re number one!

  11. First country to gain herd immunity. Don’t call it a comeback.

  12. It’s not that the virus is spreading fast, it’s because only now it’s being tested. The virus has been in America since July of last year and was just treated as if it was the Type B flu.

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