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US ‘plotted to kill Julian Assange and make it look like an accident’

US ‘plotted to kill Julian Assange and make it look like an accident’

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  2. >”US spies hatched a plot to kidnap or even poison Julian Assange using shady Spanish private detectives…”

    That reads like a line from a dime store spy novel.

    Edit: I wonder if people give the CIA too much credit or too little credit.

  3. Should have done it subtly so no one suspects, like the brilliant job done with Epstein or Khashoggi.

  4. A claim from a lawyer, and the daily mail…

    Color me skeptical.

  5. >US spies hatched a plot to kidnap or even poison Julian Assange using shady Spanish private detectives after he leaked 250,000 top secret documents online, his extradition hearing was told yesterday.

    “Shady Spanish detectives”

    I’m convinced.

  6. Shouldn’t there be rules against posting this tabloid crap in a ‘news’ sub?

  7. Not that I think the US is above this sort of thing, but I refuse to trust the Daily Mail.

  8. I mean this dude hosts a website dedicated to leaking secret government documents. If he has some kind of evidence for this, I’d expect it to be up there by now. If not, and we’re just going off witness testimony, then…well odds seem about even to me

  9. The Daily Mail is news?

  10. We should note that this is testimony coming from Assange’s lawyer who is citing an unnamed witness. I’m not saying it didn’t happen, but this is nowhere near confirmed.

    Interesting how Reddit loves to shit on the Daily Mail but it still seems to make it to the front page.

  11. We call it the Daily Fail for a reason, take what they say with a grain of salt.

  12. I hate the UK media.

    The quote marks mean they’re not saying it’s true; they’re saying someone said it. It is a quote. But the layout is designed to fool people into thinking that it’s news.

    If our courts had more balls they’d have stopped this years ago. Just a simple requirement to attribute the quote in the headline would be nice.


    Yes I realise you probably all already know this, but the average headline absorber doesn’t have the same level of discernment.

  13. This sub really needs to have stronger standards for what sources they allow to be posted. Dailymail is a tabloid rag.

  14. Highly doubtful. If this was their goal, it would have happened. The last thing the United States would want to do is make him a martyr. Russia’s MO, sounds like a fairy tale they would spread.

  15. > US ‘plotted to kill Julian Assange


    > dailymail.co.uk


  16. Poor guy fell down an elevator shaft while stabbing himself in the back.

  17. On the one hand this is a garbage source siting another garbage source, being claimed by the lawyer. On the other hand its US government so I don’t see why this would be unlikely.

  18. Is anyone really surprised?

  19. Assange didn’t kill himself. ~2020 meme

  20. Just a friendly reminder, at least half the stuff published by this racist piece of shit “newspaper” is at best heavily biased and at worst deliberate lies.

  21. he will claim anything to try not to be extradited.

  22. Hey, it worked with Epstein…..

    He needs to keep away from Albanians & Ukrainians….

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