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US sends warships to Caribbean to stop drugs, raising concern over whether this is nothing but a dangerous diversionary tactic.

US sends warships to Caribbean to stop drugs, raising concern over whether this is nothing but a dangerous diversionary tactic.

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  1. Everybody does this… the Canadian Navy goes down both coasts to go after drug smuggling on a regular basis. It’s like the anti-piracy patrols off Somalia. It’s good training, hunting those little boats and semi-submersibles, and it’s warm.

    The only legal issue is that the boarding parties have to have US Coast Guard personnel with them, and they get the prisoners.

    I expect there will be less boarding for a while though.

  2. Nope. I was in the navy and my ship did drugs ops quite a bit. This is an ordinary occurrence.

  3. Those ships are worthless for drug interdiction. The US is just waving its big dick.

  4. They’ve been after Venezuela for a while. The right wing media proliferation in to the country failed. The coup attempt (s) failed lol.

  5. It’s to pressure Maduro. Maduro and his family make a ton of money from drugs. With oil money gone, that’s all they have left. The US is trying to choke him out. They’re going to try to bring him down on drug charges.


  6. I swear, the day that Maduro and all his allies end up in jail or die, I’ll be drinking my finest Venezuelan rum and completely blacking out.

    I can’t wait.

  7. I’m from Trinidad and Tobago, the most southern Caribbean island in the chain, just north of Venezuela (I can see Venezuela through my window atm) and can confirm, drug running is a big issue.

    The criminal elements here are packing ridiculous arnament compared to the dated weapons our Military and Police forces use suddenly, ‘and nobody knows where the guns are coming from’.

  8. >to stop drugs


  9. Thinking about how devastating Covid19 may be to at risk populations in 2nd and 3rd world nations I expect the Trump administration is anticipating a mass push north from central and south America. I will not be surprised when national guard troops are sent to the southern US border sometime in the next couple of months.

    I do not envy

  10. Without editorializing (framing):

    “US sends warships to Caribbean to stop illegal drugs”

  11. Why is Sub Zero from MK sitting at that table?!

  12. It would be strategic stupidity for the USA Navy and the Trump administration not to take advantage of how weak the Maduro’s regime is right know. My country had been held captive for so long and we’ve been fed so many false hopes from treacherous “leaders” *cough cough* “Guaido”… that having the warships in our coasts is a glimpse of hope amidst the learned hopelessness we’re living in.I see my country right know as a citadel under siege, we have the pandemic, the electricity crisis, we have no gas, the mercenaries of the regime are taking down any civilian they consider a threat, (or not, just kidnapping people out of sadism), we’re running out of food and we are in no position to stand by ourselves against the dictatorship.Also, the regime has no real allies in the continent and Iran, Russia and China are not reliable to defend it if an invasion occurs. So yeah, if USA ever wanted to remove Maduro, I don’t think these conditions will ever repeat.

  13. This is a bullshit diversion…hell, my fuckin drug dealer just applied for unemployment!

  14. Diversion or not, accusing a nation of narco-terrorism is not something one should do lightly… though Trump seems to make all kinds of accusations without considering the effect of his actions. I fear for those sailors in those close-quarters and I wonder what lengths Trump will go to in order to secure a legacy of “strong leadership” as opposed to blatant corruption and atrocious policy decisions.

  15. The US is just worried that Venezuela is cutting into the CIA’s market.

  16. Yeah the impeachment was a distraction that delayed response to covid 19, but COVID 19 isnt enough of a distraction to not send warships into the Caribbean. Priorities…

  17. A pointless waste of money when every cent is needed.

  18. I hate Donald Trump as much as the next guy.
    But fuck the drug cartels. They need to go, ALL OF THEM.
    If you think that this is bad based on your personal feelings about Trump you are fucking ignorant and should spend some time seeing how these fucking monsters operate.
    Drug Cartels are terrorists end of story, you will never convince me otherwise.

  19. Drugs have increased in value thanks to addict panic buying and issues in the supply chain for both manufacturing and distribution.

    State actors are poised to use assets to make a profit, including but not limited to diplomatic cover, resources such as landing strips and fuel, and more.

  20. This can’t possibly be a priority right now. Has to be a diversion or monumental stupidity

  21. So the people saying this is a diversionary tactic are the people charged with narco-terrorism? I’m sure these people would have no ulterior motives to try and discredit these operations?

  22. It seems plausible to me. We have stopped international travel. Wouldn’t stopping drug runners be in line the practicing social isolation and limiting travel? We shouldn’t overthink this. Just saying!

  23. People somehow forgot just because there is a virus out there doesn’t mean the rest of the world all stop for it

  24. Now I am no naval expert but I have seen several films with ships in then – is it not tricky to comply with covid 19 distancing measures on a warship.

  25. Duh… that is literally the only reason to do this.

    If your goal was actually to cripple the cartels, eliminating the blackmarket by providing a safe, legal, and regulated market for drugs would be the most effective strategy.

  26. What questions? Of course it is.

  27. Since we lost the war in Afghanistan where 98% of the worlds opium for Heroin is still being processed . (The US signed a peace deal with the Taliban if people forgot). Now it’s time to pretend to do something in Venezuela.

  28. Why cant Barr keep his nose out of South America?

  29. Reads like a 2020 Penny Dreadful.

  30. Who knew the US would be closer to WWZ China than real life China.

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