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US trade deal ‘could flood Britain with toxic cosmetics’

US trade deal ‘could flood Britain with toxic cosmetics’

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  1. It’s up to our negotiators to bring the standards of imported goods up to our level, not down to theirs. Most people in UK would not buy goods tested on animals as long as they are notified. And there are many organisations who will make such things public.

  2. girls look like ronald macdonald theses days

  3. I remember reading a story in the early 2000s the EU banned import of American cosmetics. The US companies reformulated their products to sell in Europe. They kept selling their toxic shit to Americans though.

  4. .. no one is going to care about cosmetic for quite some time. Plenty of time to negotiate.

  5. British cosmetics are already full of parabens and aluminium. What are they putting in worse?

  6. > More than 1,300 toxic ingredients have been banned from use in cosmetics in the UK, with restrictions on a further 500 ingredients. In comparison, only 11 are banned in the US, according to the group. It points out that animal testing of cosmetics is legal in the US, but banned in the UK.


    > US negotiators stress that a key aim of any trade deal would be to “promote greater regulatory compatibility to reduce burdens associated with unnecessary differences in regulations and standards, including through regulatory cooperation where appropriate”. But Dearden claims this would cede too much power to business: “Boris Johnson has talked about the US’s so-called ‘science-based’ system. But that’s a shorthand for a system in which big corporations dictate the rules.”

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