Home / news / US veterans condemn Trump for allowing ‘wholesale slaughter’ of allies in Syria | ‘Just like there are Kurds who are alive because of US forces, there are Americans who are alive because of sacrifices the Kurds made for us’

US veterans condemn Trump for allowing ‘wholesale slaughter’ of allies in Syria | ‘Just like there are Kurds who are alive because of US forces, there are Americans who are alive because of sacrifices the Kurds made for us’

US veterans condemn Trump for permitting ‘wholesale slaughter’ of allies in Syria | ‘Identical to there are Kurds who’re alive due to US forces, there are People who’re alive due to sacrifices the Kurds made for us’

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  2. >Josh Manning, a former counterterrorism analyst for the army, said in a tweet the decision was “hitting a lot of vets hard”.
    >“The Kurds sacrificed a lot and were just amazing partners in really tough times. 
    >“I can’t imagine what its like being in N. Iraq [sic] and Syria and hearing your comrades under attack and being able to do nothing.”
    >Mr Manning later told *The Independent*: “Just like there are Kurds who are alive because of US forces, there are Americans who are alive because of sacrifices the Kurds made for us. Abandoning them to the Turkish military forces who want to raze their villages and cities is not the way to repay that debt.”

    Trump made a unilateral decision that cost hundreds of the lives of American allies and the lives of civilians and he did it to further a personal business deal. That is outright corruption on its face.

  3. I don’t blame them. US troops have fought and died along side the Kurds for close to 10 years now.

    [Charles Keating IV. Son of an Olympic swimmer, grandson to successful businessman, United States Navy SEAL . C4 gave his life fighting along side the Kurds against ISIS](https://youtu.be/wTlsE3_o8-o)

    Former POTUS, Barack Obama remarks on Charles Keating IV

    “Charles Keating, IV — Charlie, or Chuck, or “C-4” — was born into a family of veterans, All-American athletes and Olympians — even a Gold Medalist. So, naturally, Charlie, and the love of his life, Brooke, celebrated their anniversary on the Fourth of July. She called him the “huge goofball” everybody wanted to be friends with — the adventurer who surfed and spearfished and planned to sail around the world.

    When the Twin Towers fell, he was in high school, and he decided to enlist — joined the SEALs because, he told his friends, it was the hardest thing to do. He deployed to Afghanistan and three times to Iraq, earning a Bronze Star for valor. Earlier this month, while assisting local forces in Iraq who had come under attack, he gave his life.

    A few days later, one of his platoon mates sent Charlie’s parents a letter from Iraq. “Please tell everyone Chuck saved a lot of lives today,” it said. He left us, “with that big signature smile on his handsome face, as always. Chuck was full of aloha, but was also a ferocious warrior.” Today, we honor Chief Special Warfare Officer Charles Keating IV.”

  4. And then people wonder why so many people around the world seem to hate America… It’s that kind of stuff that’s not helping. Dictate the world what to do and then just flip flop without warning, leaving allies to die.

  5. Just as Trump announces he’s sending more troops to Saudi fucking Arabia to “assist in their defense.”

    sounds about right. Get this piece of shit out of office, or god help us let him chow down one big mac too many and just fucking go away

  6. I served in Syria in 2017 along side the Kurds. They did all the fighting and real sacrifices. They are a great people and this betrayal is unforgivable.

  7. His core base will call these veterans snowflakes and keep moving. They are too committed into their worship to turn back on anything. Trump could decide that he wants to kill 10 puppies a day with a hammer for the rest of his term and his followers will keep on worshipping him because that’s where we are with this. They are at a point where he can do no wrong and they will keep on with their hero worship.

  8. It’s interesting how trump made a whole platform of accusing athletes like Colin Kaepernick of disrespecting the military for their protests. Yet trump turns around and attacks a former POW (McCain) and then turns his back on our own military athletes. Trump is the one disrespecting the military and disregarding the sacrifices people have made for the US.

  9. This is a terrible stain on the national honor, abandoning an ally on the battlefield like this.

  10. This is what you get when you vote for a con man scum bag draft dodger for president. He’s a piece of shit and has always been one why is that so hard for people to see and
    Understand ?

  11. Those who betray there allies are worse then scum. -naruto

  12. I no longer can even semi-understand the rationale behind average citizens continuing to support trump. He said he’d bring industry back to the rust belt — didnt happen, he said his lack of political background made him impossible to be corrupt — clearly this is not the case, he claimed to be able to control the borders — he hasn’t.

    Wtf is going on in people’s minds to continue supporting this morally repugnant traitor? Stubborness, racism, ignorance … ?

  13. Trump doesn’t care about veterans.
    He made jokes about McCain.

    You get what you vote for and some of you voted for a guy who decided his building in Istanbul is worth more than the lives of allies.


    Actual Donald: Deploys 2000 troops to SA

  15. In case anyone forgot, these are the people who helped fight *against* the Iraqi Army during the initial Coalition Invasion. They didn’t join the insurgency either. These are friends we are betraying.

  16. The War on Terror is a fraud

  17. But will they care enough to vote against him, despite the fact that he is a draft dodger and insulted POWs? Probably not.

  18. Don’t expect a draft dodger to understand any of that.

  19. New treaty proposal, US gives Trump to ISIS, and Trump alone, for 50 years of peace and not combat.

  20. Peak dishonour for the US. The Kurds need to be protected at any cost. The orange simpleton has abandoned them because they did not land with us in Normandy on D-Day. This makes me viscerally angry.

  21. I’ve always disliked Trump, but I’ve nexer felt a real hatred for any western leader until now. As far as I can tell, Trump has done this *for no reason at all*, other than because Erdoğan asked HIM to. At least with the US’s past ruthlessness, there has been a theoretical higher goal that might make the betreyal and bloodshed worth it.


    EDIT: To explain my last remark, I wasn’t saying e.g. the Iraq war, our insane Eisenhower era nuclear strategy, Vietnam, Pinochet etc etc. were justified, just that the leaders involved clearly had to justify the deaths to themselves and had to invoke some higher good to make it bearable.

    Its pretty clear to me that Trump doesn’t even think in those terms. The Kurds just don’t matter.

    Of course, there is another worldview and another way of looking at things, exemplified by the Chomsky quote about how every postwar president is a war criminal. To this way of thinking, Bush and Kennedy and Nixon and Obama and all the rest are more or less as bad as each other and never did anything for any reason other than narrow national self interest, and that ultimately we’re just as amoral and self interested as our enemies. If you think that, comrade, you’ve been listening to the [ministry of counter-propoganda](https://www.mekong.net/cambodia/chomsky.htm#chviii). Maybe a lot of our leaders have been [dicks, but I think only Trump is plausibly an asshole](https://youtu.be/sEJ7l0kfDic).

    You know who else thinks that way? Trump and his supporters. To them, we never left the zero sum game and its just time to stop pretending. So let’s prove them wrong.

  22. And all those female Kurdish fighters we so proudly wrote and read about during Aleppo and Raqqa fighting in 2016, will probably be captured or tortured just for being women.

    This was NOT why I served. If I were still in I’d be so ashamed. (I’m ashamed regardless. )

    It’s sickening.

  23. Trump is currently being applauded by thousands of people in Louisiana:


    America is well and truly fucked. What a disgusting nation full of creeps.

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