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US worried Israel may attack Iran to save Netanyahu

US worried Israel may attack Iran to save Netanyahu

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  1. Oh boy oh boy, Middle East Monitor again.

    Propaganda news sites are not legitimate sources.

  2. I’m surprised Trump would be concerned since he put his son-in-law Jared in charge of Middle East Peace….and solving America’s opioid epidemic, and diplomacy with Mexico, and building Trump’s border wall monument to white nationalism and hubris, and diplomacy with China, and reforming care for Veterans, and reforming the criminal justice system, and, when he has spare time: reinventing the entire government and making it work like a business.

  3. You know your shit human being if your willing to kill your fellow man just to save face and your job.

  4. Too many weapons in stock, it seems… It’s Black Friday anyway!

  5. Is this what the US needs to stop sending them billions in “AID”?

  6. Why just Netanyahu ? the rest of Israelis too. Iranian regime send it’s forces around Israel and claim they are planning an attack.

  7. Do we think Trump would back an aggressive attack by Israel on Iran? As mentally sporadic as he can be, he’s trying to make a deal with the Taliban to get us out of Afghanistan and he just threw the Kurds under Turkey’s bus as an excuse to leave Syria. Also wasn’t it rumored that Bolton resigned because him and Trump didn’t see eye to eye mainly on how to deal with Iran? Given Bolten’s history, he was probably wanting to take a more aggressive approach.

    I just can’t see this administration backing an aggressive strike by Isreal. Iran would have to strike first, and they would be fools to do so. Iran striking first guarantees Russia abandoning them much like China threatened to do in the event a North Korea struck first, and opens to the door to Saudi Arabi straight up invading Iran which they’ve also made no secret. Israel attacking first risks them being abandoned by their allies in the region which would lead to one of two things: a nuclear attack on Iran by Israel or the end of Israel as a state.

    I just don’t see anyone helping them with a blatantly political war with Iran that they started to save a corrupt PM. Not given recent history.

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