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Veiled policewomen .. Britain gives the green light to the uniform of Muslim policewomen

An important step from the symbolic point of view, at a time when the veiled women are facing a lot of restrictions in some Western countries

After years of discussion and controversy, the British police decided – in a precedent of its kind – to launch testing operations for the uniform of veiled Muslim policewomen, in order to be adopted on a large scale, and the beginning was from the city of “Leicester Shire” in central Britain.

This decision comes after New Zealand adopted a uniform for veiled policewomen, after a year and a half of research, in which safety conditions are in line with police duties, and Britain took the initiative to be the largest European country to take this step aimed at increasing the number of Muslim women in the police force.

Acknowledge the difference

This important step in its symbolism won the admiration of many who looked at it with the perspective of recognizing the difference even among the police, even if it required years of discussion and taking and responding, because the dress for veiled women was not specified in the United Kingdom for many years, and the decision was made only in After research in New Zealand found a uniform with practical, health and safety conditions in line with the requirements of work in security.

The emergence of the veiled policewomen uniform was not an easy matter, rather it required research that lasted about a year and a half at Massey University in New Zealand, and research at the time focused on the materials this uniform is made of and the safety and security standards, and then it was approved by the New Zealand police at the end of last year.

This move stimulated the police station in the “Leicester Shire” area to be a race in the United Kingdom, and to test the same uniform among veiled policewomen, on the horizon of circulation after that.

Zeina Ali, the first veiled policewoman in New Zealand, in a first of its kind (communication sites)

Sophisticated costume

This veiled policewoman’s dress consists of a headscarf using magnetic fasteners, which can be easily removed in the event that an attacker tries to grab the policewoman by her veil, in addition to wireless earpieces for communication.

This step attracted the attention of the British and international media, and the coverage of this decision prevailed, which will encourage other police stations to follow the example of the police station in “Leicester Shire”, and the extent of satisfaction with it appeared through the lengthy coverage that the police station devoted to this initiative.

With a lot of pride, Officer Yassin Desai – President of the Muslim Police Association in Leicester Shire – announced the steps that led to this achievement, as research continued for years on the appropriate design that takes into account security standards, and when we got acquainted with the design in New Zealand, we contacted them, And it was good cooperation between us to launch a test of this uniform. “

Yassin, who is the chief of uniforms and equipment in the police, says that they failed many times to find the right product, but with this experience, things are different, expressing his optimism about the official approval of the uniform in view of the availability of the required standards.

This experience is important from being the entrance – if successful – to being recommended in all police services in Britain and Wales and the Ministry of the Interior, meaning that it will be available to all veiled policewomen throughout the country.

In his official statement on the Leicester Shire police website, the Muslim security official asserts that this decision is very important for Muslim policewomen who wear the hijab, and it is supported by academic and scientific research to provide the best conditions for their protection.

Khadija expresses her hope to be an inspiring model for veiled young women who want to join the police force (Al-Jazeera)

The beginning with Khadija

The police-trained student, Khadija Mansour, will remain present in British history, as she was the first policewoman to wear the veiled uniform in order to test it, and Khadija joined the police last October, and she is currently undergoing a training period in conjunction with trying the new uniform.

With much relief, Khadija talks about her new uniform, stressing that it made her comfortable and in line with her hijab, “because it is comfortable and does not restrict my movement, and I am able to freely conduct all exercises,” adding that it is important for this uniform to become official “to spread awareness among Muslim policemen that The police force meets the special needs of every individual. “

Khadija expresses her hope that she will be an inspiring model for young veiled women who want to join the police force.

Since 2001, the British police have allowed policewomen to wear the headscarf, but there has always been debate about the appropriate uniform for policewomen and Al-Marai to wear the veil, and this year is expected to witness an acceleration in the adoption of this uniform in different parts of Britain.

This step is symbolically important, at a time when veiled women face a lot of harassment in some Western countries, in addition to the fact that women are the most vulnerable to racist attacks.

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