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Venezuela announces 6-month rent suspension, guarantees workers’ wages, bans lay-offs

Venezuela announces 6-month rent suspension, guarantees workers’ wages, bans lay-offs

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  1. Osrs gonna be crowded for the next 6 months boys

  2. This could cost the Venezuelan government hundreds of dollars.

  3. Fuck runescape gold boutta get so expensive

  4. How are they doing with like….Food

  5. It seems like people think all government’s have the ability for unlimited stimulus packages and the only limiting factor is how nice they are. Venezuelas economy is in absolute shambles. I don’t believe that they are capable of living up to this promise.

  6. Man wtf is with this thread? This is a shitshow.

  7. What’s the point in suspending rent if you are also guaranteeing wages?

  8. >bans lay-offs

    I’d like someone to correct me if I’m wrong here, but that essentially means that companies can’t fire people for financial reasons, right? How does that make any sense? If a company stops making revenue due to this, where are they supposed to get the money from in order to pay the people they’d otherwise have to lay-off?

  9. Ah, Venezuela…. doing toilet paper shortages before it was cool

  10. I don’t think Venezuela is a good example in how a country should be managed.

    Edit. And I love our healthcare and education of the EU.

  11. The thing is, public salaries in Venezuela are all almost worthless, because the Bolivar is completely devalued, so this is really completely meaningless.

  12. If only Venezuela had lots and lots of oil

  13. Time to hit up the Rev caves boys!!

  14. Hahahahaha. This would be on the front page of Reddit.

  15. Implying anyone has paid rents in like three years

  16. So the three people that were employed in Venezuela before this all started will have their $36/month salary matched?

  17. Time for them to start printing more fake money.

  18. Those who disagree are put in jail. Charge rent? Right to jail. Can’t pay workers? Jail. Overcook chicken? Jail. Undercook fish? Believe it or not, right to jail. Overcook, undercook, see? We have the best cooks in the world, thanks to jail.

  19. > **guarantees workers’ wages**

    What wages? Since when being paid in funny money is considered having a wage?

  20. Socialism doesn’t work in regular time, but it is king in pandemics /s

  21. People don’t even have enough food there.

    Also, can we please stop praising a corrupt dictatorial regime that has shot journalists and imprisoned political opponents?

  22. Which will only be done by making their hyperinflation even worse. The country is in a massive recession. It has become literally one of the poorest countries in South America. The government doesn’t have the real power to pay for that. But Maduro is already known for promising ridiculous stuff and printing more money to pay for that. He’s just doubling down on what he’s been doing for years already. Incompetence at its finest.

    Edit: wtf? Gold with 9 upvotes?? Lol, thanks kind stranger!!!

  23. And how exactly is a bankrupt country going to finance this?

    I mean let’s get real…

  24. well, they tried the money printing then :P, why not bankrupt everyone else.

  25. This isn’t gonna end up well. Their state debt will increase (if they manage to get authorization to borrow money) and their economy will burn down even further since no one will stimulate their minimal growth and broken system. I doubt they’ll manage to go through with this without creating a mass exodus which may increase the outbreak.

  26. At least they won’t run out of toilet paper. They have bolivar bills everywhere.

  27. How can you ban lay-offs arnt you just dooming buisness?

  28. I hope it works out for them, however they do it.

  29. Thats easy to do when everyone is making no fucking money anyway.

    This only benefits rich people over there lmao.

  30. It creeps me up that this news has so many upvotes, you guys know that Venezuela is a dictatorship, do you?

  31. At least they are not fighting over toilet paper…. Because they haven’t had any for years…..

  32. Hey guys lets all be like Venezuela what could go wrong. They do everything right.

  33. Lmao @ all the upvotes

  34. Because Venezuela has had such a great track record of economic management

  35. No one has any money in Venezuela anyways so what’s the difference?

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