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Venezuelan Navy warship sinks after firing on, ramming cruise ship

Venezuelan Navy warship sinks after firing on, ramming cruise ship

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  1. > **A statement by the Venezuelan military (in Spanish)** accused the Resolute of “cowardly and criminal” behaviour, “since it did not attend to the rescue of the crew”.

    I mean, sort of. That’s like someone in the street racing up to you and demanding you follow them to their home, then they fire warning shots with a gun, then they hit you in the face several times, and because your jaw is so strong, they break their hand. And what, you’re supposed to drive them to the hospital? I realize there’s a sailor’s code and all, but idk, this is so fucking belligerent, I don’t really fault the cruise ship.

  2. The cruise ship was built for arctic cruises and has a heavily armored hull for protection against ice. Protection against Venezuelans was just a side benefit.

  3. What an embarrassment of a navy.

  4. When you realize the ships built to protect your nation is only wearing cloth armor.

  5. They rammed an icebreaker, which is akin to head butting a statue…

  6. Read the article. The cruise ship stayed in the area (for an hour, until other vessels arrived) and offered assistance to their erstwhile sinker. Naval vessel would not reply to their hail.

  7. If they had rescued them, would the Venezuelan Navy have tried to take over their ship?

  8. This is like those videos where a bunch of kids bully a big quiet guy and start a fight with him, then the bully’s entourage of girls start screaming when the puny bully kid gets knocked out.

  9. “An act of piracy! I demand that all those on board be hanged for their crimes!”
    – Someone in Venezuela, probably

  10. “¡viva la revolució … blub blub“

  11. “And there’s more where that came from, so watch yourself, German cruise ships!”

    Venezuela, probably.

  12. This should really tell you all you need to know about the difference between German engineering and Venezuelan engineering.

  13. As if our imagine wasn’t damaged enough

  14. Given the limited weapon array on Venezuelan patrol boat *Naiguatá*, I was wondering which one the captain choose to fire on cruise ship *RCGS Resolute*. Black scorch marks on bow confirms they used the effectively harmless [Rheinmetall Millennium gun](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rheinmetall_Oerlikon_Millennium_Gun). It’ll shred light-weight aircraft, speedboats, and personnel but have no effect on steel hulls. It would throw up sparks and smoke, and serve as legal maritime ‘shot across the bow’.

  15. Communist warship gets sunk by capitalist cruise ship

  16. What the fuck? I don’t get it.

  17. Lol, TIL Venezuelan warships are shite.

  18. The guy sounds like a despot

  19. Why the fuck would anyone believe the BBC when talking about venezuela

  20. This is fake, they are just trying to stoke anti-venezuelan sentiment so the western world can finally get that delicious oil.

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