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Ventilators destined for Barbados seized by U.S.

Ventilators destined for Barbados seized by U.S.

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  1. >20 ventilators

    Really? The US, being the world’s biggest economy, couldn’t let one small island nation acquire ***20 fucking ventilators*** that were ***donated*** to them?

  2. There was a platform of American First. Should we surprised that also means piracy and thuggery?

  3. Damn it US government. Can you not be self-centered pricks for just one month?

  4. I didn’t realize how ignorant I was because I figured a ventilator really couldn’t be *that* complex. Like sure they’re expensive but if it came down to it they’re a relative basic machine that we could churn out more of given the worlds great manufacturing and scientific knowledge.

    So hearing countries have disputes over literally tens of these things is just surreal to me. I would have never expected that

  5. This is extreme savagery.

  6. People clearly haven’t read the article. This is an alarmist title without much proof and the article is written so speculatively as to be dismissed almost entirely. Within one sentence the author can’t tell whether the 20 ventilators were donated by Rihanna or whether it was 5 ventilators.

    >”But Minister of Health and Wellness, Lieutenant Col Jeffrey Bostic on Sunday morning assured there is no shortage of the critical supplies, dismissing such suggestions as “absurd”.
    >During a press conference at Ilaro Court, Bostic  revealed that the ventilators donated to the Barbados Government as an act of philanthropy were barred from exportation.”

    It seems like the Barbados government ordered 150 ventilators to be safe. They have 50. They’ve used 3. There is no shortage. 20 ventilators that were part of a $1.4mil “donation” was then correct to 5 ventilators and was then corrected to “they’re on their way nevermind”. The author then speculates perhaps it was New York governor Cuomo that seized the mystery-ventilators-of-unknown-quantity-or-source because, essentially, “they be doin’ that”.

    Listen, guys. There’s a global pandemic. People are scrambling to secure resources everywhere. Things like this are very well going to happen. But this story is not well enough told, sourced or explained to be even “plausible” at this stage, and is just another in a long line of increasingly anti-American propaganda this site is currently awash in. It may become apparent, in a clearer future, that the US government deserves this type of condemnation. But let’s wait until we have some facts.

  7. Another country should donate 20 ventilators to Barbados to shame this seizure.

  8. I am ashamed to be a resident of the United Businesses of America.

  9. This is an international pariah

  10. Where are the people yelling “fake news!” when this happened to Germany and France? Where you at!

  11. I hate my fucking country so much right now. -_-; To every non-American out there, on behalf of my retarded country, I am sorry.

  12. This sure is becoming a trend

  13. The top three military powers are flexing hard in this period. It’s like doing a tape dance on a mine field, shit’s gonna blow hard. Now the question is how many are going to be affected.

  14. And the Yankees continue their descent from simply stupid to downright evil. Fuck them.

  15. Hold on and wait for other sources. Germans cried about this and turns out it never happened. Yet they still believe it did.

  16. Read the article you stupid, gullible, obnoxious, back biting assholes! You’re ashamed of your country?! YOUR COUNTRY IS ASHAMED OF YOU!!! You’re all literally stupid in every single sense of the word! OPEN YOUR FUCKING EYES YOU USELESS CHILDREN!

  17. Wait. Wait. Wait. Did anyone read the article?

    New York City is who seized the ventilators. New York with over hundred thousand cases, and thousands dead is seizing all unused ventilators by the governor’s executive emergency order because they are fucking over run. Bardos has like 58 cases, and of which only 3 are on ventilators, of which they have 45 unused ones in their country. This is ridiculous. I think Barbados can wait a god damn minute.

    Barbados for the record has only like 285,000 citizens. New York has millions of people living inside the city alone. Like, I think it’s going to be ok, if the governor of New York prioritizes his citizens first over Barbados. That might be callous on my part, but New York is crippled right now, and our own federal government is doing piss poor shit about it. Oregon, on the other side of the fucking country is donating unused ventilators. New York City is stripping upper New York State of their unused PPE and ventilators. It’s bad. This is a state acting desperately because it doesn’t have the support of it’s own government.

  18. Hay Look The USSA is at it again. Fucken thieves.

  19. [https://www.nationnews.com/nationnews/news/244846/bostic-ventilators-seized](https://www.nationnews.com/nationnews/news/244846/bostic-ventilators-seized)


    They weren’t actually seized and US authorities are helping them figure out the mess. Furthermore, a country should look after its own citizens first. As should our leaders. What else are they elected for? Thinking with your emotions usually results in poor decision making

  20. Trump using USA long held global hegemony power. It’s just that now it is visible to everyone.

  21. That’s weird. I was told by my President and his son in law we had plenty of everything in a stockplie. If that was true, why would we seize them?

  22. Why does this keep getting reposted?

  23. nations do not have friends, allies, or moral obligations. they only have interests

  24. Did the US pay for them or were they outright stolen?

  25. The world will not forget or forgive Americans anytime soon for these kinds of things. The insanity of Trump was already cause for the world to distrust and resent Americans, this is just the nail in the coffin.

  26. save yourself before you save others.

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