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Video … a million people mocked the ruling of preventing the ball from entering the goal

Referee Oscar Macias Romo missed a goal for Cruz Azul in the empty goal of Toluca’s goalkeeper in the Mexican Football League.

Cruz Azul was leading in the score 2-0, and in an attempt to add a third goal in the 36th minute, one of his players hit a strong ball that was blocked by the post to bounce back to his colleague who shot in the empty goal, but the ball hit the leg of the rushing referee in the path of the ball in Mashhad Unusual in front of the goal to miss the achieved goal.

The reason for this shot is the referee’s poor positioning, which prohibits him from football law from being in the expected path to pass the ball, especially in front of the goal, so that such an incident does not occur that may deprive a team of a achieved goal.

Also, entering deep into the penalty area is prohibited for referees, who move in a diagonal way is predominant in their presence on the field, taking into account that it is not in the way of the ball in any way.

Of course, the players gathered around the referee to object to the loss of the goal because of him, but to no avail, as he had nothing but to apply the law that stipulates the resumption of play in such a case by dropping the ball.

To make matters worse, the visiting team managed to equalize the score in the last minutes of the first half, but Cruz returned to lead again with a third goal in the second half to win the exciting meeting 3-2.

Millions of social media pioneers interacted with the shot, and one of the major accounts following Mexican football on Twitter, to achieve more than a million views, and the interactions on it were mostly mocked by the referee, who should not be present in this place inside the penalty area.

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