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Video: A Ugandan player surpasses Ronaldo’s dazzling jump

Ugandan defender Bevis Mugabe, the Scottish player, Motherwell, scored an outstanding goal and surpassed the famous jump of Portuguese star Cristiano Ronaldo in Juventus’ match against Sampdoria last season.

Mugabe scored the goal during the match that ended in his team’s 2-1 victory over Ross County on Wednesday.

The fans noticed that Mugabe’s goal came from a distinctive shot and quickly compared it to Ronaldo’s goal, and Motherwell club confirmed the validity of that comparison after reviewing the shot through replay footage from different angles.

The club stated that Mugabe jumped to a height of 262 cm, which is 6 cm higher than Ronaldo’s jump, and the Ugandan defender’s foot rose 75 cm, which is 4 cm higher than the foot of the Portuguese star.

However, Mugabe’s jump is far from the Ronaldo record he set on February 13, 2013, when he rose to 78 cm and reached the ball at a height of 293 cm.

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