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Video .. Al-Jazeera Net hosted by displaced Syrians over Ramadan Iftar

A few hours before the sunset call to prayer, Hajj Ali Suleiman Al-Abbas arrives at his tent in Al-Mukhtar camp in Idlib countryside, carrying a few vegetables to prepare Ramadan Iftar, expressing his shock at the high prices.

Hajj Ali brought only a few grains of tomatoes and zucchini from the market near the camp, where he paid more than 12 Turkish liras, which is not a small amount for this displaced family who is suffering the pain of displacement and the hardship of living in a tent in the middle of the farmland.

The wife Hamida rushes to prepare the food, carrying what her husband brought to cut it in front of the tent, after the weather improved and tended to warm, while her two grandchildren sat watching her as she prepared the food.

Between loneliness and homesickness

Mrs. Hamida narrates the differences between life in the tent and living previously in her home in the village of Al Habit, from which she fled, especially in preparing food in the kitchen equipped with gas. Here in the tent, she cooks, washes and does all the tasks inside it.

Hamida added to Al-Jazeera Net that Ramadan in their village and their home had a special flavor, after eating Ramadan Iftar, she and her husband visit the neighbors to stay up with them, to exchange conversations, but in the camp they suffer from loneliness and longing for their homes.

While the displaced woman is busy preparing food on a small “travel gas”, Hajj Ali waits in his tent to talk to Al Jazeera Net about the difficulty of life in the camp and the absence of aid, and with the advent of the month of Ramadan, food must be prepared despite the exorbitant price tag.


Hajj Ali recalls the days and nights of Ramadan in his hometown al-Hobait, the visits between him and his relatives and neighbors, and how he owned land for cultivation, but in the camp he and most of the people could barely secure their daily sustenance.

With the advent of the Maghrib call to prayer with the voice of the camp’s mosque muezzin, this family gathers at a modest table for breakfast with the participation of Al Jazeera Net, before performing the Maghrib prayer in front of the tent.

Close to the Ali Suleiman al-Abbas family, hundreds of families live in the camp, and their conditions and areas of displacement may be similar or different, but what unites them today is displacement and the loss of the material resource that secures their needs in the blessed month of Ramadan, and they dream of the day of return and spending one of the days of the holy month in their homes.

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