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Video – from Stoichkov and Pepe to Ramos and Suarez … the fiercest 10 players in the League

The Spanish newspaper MARCA has identified the 10 most violent players in the history of the Spanish League, and called them the “bad boys” in Spanish football.

And prompted “Marca” to write this report the violent performance shown by Alain Neum, the Getafe defender, in the match in which his team, last Saturday, beat Barcelona 1-0 in the League, whose performance is always violent and deliberately hurt the opponents; So he was blacklisted as well.

Sergio Ramos
Although he is one of the best footballers in the history of Real Madrid and the Spanish national team; However, he is the most dismissed player in the history of the League and the European Champions League.

Ramos was also famous for playing strong, which becomes violent at times, and the fans do not forget that he deliberately injured Liverpool star Mohamed Salah in the 2018 UEFA Champions League Final.

Luis Suarez
The Uruguayan striker was famous for his adder, and his move from Liverpool to Barcelona came after some Italian defender Giorgio Chiellini in the team match at the 2014 World Cup in Brazil, which led to his suspension for 4 months But it was not the first as it had similar precedents, nor was it the last.

Diego Costa
He is considered one of the “bad boys” in football par excellence, as he called “Marca”, as he has a long history of quarrels with opponents, kicking and spitting, and angry reactions against referees’ decisions.

From kicking an opponent brutally in 2009 to deliberately running over Lionel Messi’s hand in 2012, the former Real Madrid and Portuguese national team defender has earned a reputation for playing violent to the point of brutality at times.

Hristo Stoichkov
Although he is a Barcelona legend, he was crowned the Golden Ball as the best player in the world in 1994; However, the extra enthusiasm of the Bulgarian star implicated him in many bad acts, so that after signing for Barcelona in 1990 he was expelled 7 times during two seasons.

The historic striker of Bulgaria also committed a shameful act in his first year with Barcelona, ​​when he deliberately ran over his opponent’s foot in the Spanish Super Cup, and was suspended for 6 months because of it.

Xavi Navarro
One of the best players in the history of Seville; But he is responsible for one of the most frightening acts seen in Spanish football with his team’s match against Real Mallorca in March 2005, when he hit his Venezuelan rival, Juan Arango, with a heavy blow to the elbow that knocked him to the ground completely unconscious, putting his life at risk. Due to cardiac arrest.

Pablo Alvaro
Spanish football fans knew him for the abundance of red and yellow cards, which he won on the stadiums, where he was sent off 18 times, and was warned more than 117 times.

And throughout his career he played for 9 clubs; Among them, Barcelona, ​​Atletico Madrid and Seville from 1986 to 2007, he was only expelled in 4 seasons.

Javier Aguado
Despite being the historical leader of Real Zaragoza; However, he was expelled 18 times; Because of his enthusiasm and his strong performance, which made him ashamed of going on the street sometimes.

David Navarro
The Valencia defender has never hidden his fierce style on the field; Rather, he admitted it in an interview with “The Aragon” newspaper, saying “I am aggressive and strong on the field of course,” bragging that he had never been hurt.

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