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Video..the discovery of the first site of the effects of the loss of dinosaurs in Morocco

An international research team has discovered the first site of traces of the loss of dinosaurs in the Lower Cretaceous period in Morocco.

The site was discovered in the “Talmst” area near the town of Imintanoute (west of Marrakesh), and contains tracks of carnivorous and herbivorous dinosaurs.

An international team of researchers

“We found for the first time in Morocco the effects of the oldest dinosaurs in the Lower Cretaceous period, and precisely in the Barimian era, where there was a retreat of the sea, which made this place a flat beach on which dinosaurs walked,” said Moussa Masrour, the Moroccan researcher and coordinator of the research team, said in an interview with Al Jazeera Net Some fish swim in it. “

The research team consists in addition to Masroor, the researcher, Nora Lakbir, from the Faculty of Sciences at the University of Ibn Zahr in Morocco, the researcher Angelica Torres and the researcher Felix Perez Llorente from the “University of La Rioja” (Universidad de La Rioja) in Spain.

Masrour explained, “This discovery draws the public’s interest in knowing the nature of the place, and how it was millions of years ago. The quality of the rocks, the presence of traces of dinosaur walking and the effects of fish activity indicate that the place was a beach, and exactly the place of alternating tides.”

The site of contact was known to have two paths of herbivorous dinosaurs of the family (sauropod) that they were walking on when the site was a beach (the island)

Dinosaurs and fish

According to the results of the scientific study, published on November 5 in the scientific journal Ichnos, regarding this discovery, the site includes a total of 72 fingerprints formed in 8 tracks of the oldest dinosaurs at the site of Talmest, 3 of which are carnivorous dinosaurs of the family. (Tyropods), 2 tracks for herbivorous sauropod dinosaurs, and 3 tracks for two-legged dinosaurs; But it is not known. We see it on a flat that is now tilted by tectonic movements.

Moussa Masrour explains that “while studying the effects of dinosaurs at this site, the researchers’ attention was attracted by the presence of several different effects resulting from the activity of unknown animals, and after several studies in the archive and articles that dealt with such effects, although there are no exact analogues; however, the researchers They were able to identify the animals that left these traces.

According to the recent study, the traces of flat fish were living in the same place, from which the dinosaurs passed, these fish left two types of traces, one indicating their search for food, and the second indicating resting on the surface of sediments; Because the place is a beach, and the quality of the rocks on that.

Talmest site includes 3 tracks of carnivorous dinosaurs of the family (Tyropods) that were walking on the flat, and it is now tilted by tectonic movements (Al-Jazeera)

Moreover, the layers containing dinosaur footprints and fish footprints are now very tilted layers around 80 degrees, and they were flat when dinosaurs walked over them about 127 million years ago, and their tilted existence today is the result of tectonic movements, which gave them this current shape.

Moussa Masrour ends his speech to Al-Jazeera Net by saying, “The sedimentary study and the study of the sedimentary facies of the layers adjacent to the stratum, which contain traces, enabled us to know the conditions of these sediments, and it can be said in general that they were flat coastal sediments (in a flat coastal environment), sometimes penetrated by river plains.”

It is reported that the site discovered is the second in Africa, after a site discovered earlier in Cameroon.

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