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Video .. The start of the season of manufacturing “pepper sauce” in the Turkish state of anlıurfa

The people of the Turkish state of anlıurfa – which is famous for its rich cuisine – began the season of manufacturing hot pepper sauce (molasses) these days.

The vegetable markets in the southeastern province of Turkey are crowded due to the people’s desire to buy peppers in large quantities, with the aim of turning them into sauce in preparation for the winter.

Vegetable markets in the state of anlıurfa are witnessing a great demand for buying peppers (Anatolia)

The pepper goes through the arduous process when it is turned into a sauce, before it takes its place on the dining tables during the winter days.

In an interview with Anadolu Agency, Murad Marmar, Vice President of the Pepper Producers Union in anlıurfa, said that the season for manufacturing “pepper molasses” in the state coincides with this period every year.

Pepper sauce occupies an important place in Turkish cuisine and is used to prepare a large number of (Anatolian) foods.

He added that the manufacture of sauce is subjected to a laborious process, as the women first wash the fruits, isolate their seeds, and place them under the sun for a period, before they are ground and placed under the sun again.

Women wash the capsicum fruits, isolate their seeds and put them under the sun (Anatolia)

He pointed out that the pepper sauce occupies an important place in the city’s kitchen, as it is used in the preparation of a large number of foods, as well as consuming it directly, especially in breakfast meals.

For his part, Mehmet Bakir (one of the pepper sauce producers in the state) said that he is marketing his products all over Turkey.

Preparing hot pepper sauce An annual weather in the Turkish state of anlıurfa (Anatolia)

He explained that preparing the sauce takes between 3 and 5 days depending on the weather, as it is usually made during the months of August and September each year, pointing out that the demand for the sauce is slightly low this year due to the Corona pandemic.

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