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Violent denunciation of the French police on the first anniversary of Cedric Chauvet’s death

Rights activists and activists have commemorated the first anniversary of the killing of the French citizen Cedric Chauvet, who is – according to observers – George Floyd, the French, who was killed by 4 French police officers during a routine check for identity checks.

In a symbolic white march that included hundreds and set off from Uruguay Square in the 16th arrondissement in Paris to reach Torval Square, the Cedric Chauvet family, a group of civil society organizations and a number of coordinators for victims of police violence commemorated this anniversary last Sunday.

The death of the French citizen is similar to the killing of an African-American citizen, George Floyd, as Chauvia was shouting under the bodies of 4 French police forces, repeating 7 times, “I am suffocating”, before he stopped moving and dies after two days in the hospital in Paris, and that is on the third From January of last year 2020.

Sophia Chauveia, daughter of the victim: A year since my father passed away, and we still feel the same sorrow and pain (Al-Jazeera)

After a year the tragic accident

In a retrospective of this painful incident that shook France and became a matter of public opinion last year, Sophia Chauvet, the daughter of the late, said in a special statement to Al Jazeera Net, “In fact, a year after the death of my father, we still feel the same sorrow and pain, because the four police officers who were the cause of the death “My father, for a year, are still at large and have not been punished or stopped working. Perhaps now they are about to commit other crimes and other violence against new victims.”

She added that her family is awaiting more positive action from the government and the Ministry of Interior to punish the perpetrators, stressing that “the judicial procedures are still slow and that the family’s lawyer has handed over to the judiciary the video that shows the involvement of the four police in the killing of my father in addition to the rest of the evidence, and we are awaiting the final word of the judiciary.” .

Crimes committed by the police

And she concludes by saying, “We must be united against this violence and these crimes that the police commit in the name of the law, because every human being and every individual of the French people is liable to be a victim of such serious transgressions.”

As for the victim’s father, Christian Chauvet, he told Al-Jazeera Net that, “Although a year has passed since the death of my son Cedric, we are still living on the impact of shock and sadness. It is a drama with the fullest meaning of the word, but we will continue our battle against the Ministry of Interior and against the oppressive state until we get our rights.”

“I want to address my speech from this position to Gerald Darmanan, Minister of the Interior: We will not be silent and will not back down from our position until the four police officers responsible for the killing of my son Cedric are held accountable and expelled,” Chauvet said.

Malik Salmour, President of the French League for the Defense of Human Rights: The death of a French citizen just because he lost an identity, this means that there are violations committed by police officers (Al-Jazeera)

Abuses and breaches

For his part, Malik Salmour, head of the French Human Rights League – who was present at the march along with many representatives of human rights organizations – confirmed in his private statement to Al Jazeera Net that when a French citizen dies just to prove and lose an identity on the public road, this means that there are many violations and breaches. Many are committed by police.

This also means – according to him – that the Ministry of Interior is going the wrong way, bypassing that law and the simplest laws of human rights, and this is unacceptable and dangerous. He added, “And for this, I am here to show solidarity with the Siderik family and the rest of the victims of police violence, and to denounce these illegal practices of the police forces that are supposed to ensure the application of the law and protect the citizen.”

He stressed the need to demand an end to these primitive, barbaric and violent methods used by these forces in dealing with citizens. He added that it is time to stop these practices and change mentalities and serious abuses. Let us draw the lesson from the killing of Cedric Chauvia, he said.

A protester with chains in his neck and hands simulating police violence (Al Jazeera)

Africans, Arabs and Muslims

On the increase in the phenomenon of racial discrimination and incidents of violence and killings, which mostly involve immigrants of African, Arab and Islamic origin, as indicated by many opinion polls reported in previous media reports, Salmour says to Al Jazeera Net, “There is no doubt that there is great racial discrimination in the practices of the French police towards immigrants. Africans, Arabs and Muslims. “

We must acknowledge the fact that a French citizen of African or Arab descent, or migrants and asylum seekers, are more vulnerable to identity checks, harassment and violence than others. Also, most of the excesses and violent incidents committed by the police forces occur in the poor neighborhoods inhabited by the majority of immigrants.

And he concludes by emphasizing the necessity of going beyond the reality of acknowledging this description, to the stage of searching for solutions to these dangerous phenomena that threaten citizens in their most basic natural rights.

A gathering of demonstrators in Torval Square (the island)

The struggle against violence

In addition to representatives of human rights organizations, many people’s representatives in the French National Assembly attended, as well as some mayors such as Ezzedine Taibi, mayor of Stan, who told Al-Jazeera Net, “I am here to support and stand with the Cedric family and the rest of the families of the many victims of police violence such as Adama Traoré, Boubacar Gai and others. “.

“I would like to stress also that 2021 will be the year to continue the battle and struggle, and to stand up to the exaggerated violence from the police forces,” he added.

And he added, “I came today to this stand and march because I consider it my main role as a mayor and representative of a group of citizens, to stand by these victims.”

Pressure on the government

And because the murder of Cedric Chauvet is neither the first nor the last, as observers assert, many representatives of the coordination bodies of victims of police violence or whose relatives were vulnerable to these incidents, such as the French citizen of African descent, Awa Gai, sister of Boubacar Gai, one of the victims of the French police, attended the march.

Owa tells Al-Jazeera Net the story of her brother, saying, “My brother Boubacar (27 years) and I were living in the French city of Rennes, and on December 3, 2015 it was the tragic accident that I still live in shock to this day. My brother went to his friend’s house. To stay up with some friends on that day, but he was wounded with a white weapon in his stomach as a result of quarrels with some of those in the evening. “

She added, “When the police were seeking help, they came and surrounded the place and started shooting randomly without inquiring about the accident and its causes, and my brother was shot 5 times in his body and died immediately. My brother Boubacar was killed. But after 5 years, things are still slow and have not progressed at all. “

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