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Virus-hit Wuhan has two laboratories linked to Chinese bio-warfare program

Virus-hit Wuhan has two laboratories linked to Chinese bio-warfare program

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  1. Here’s a TLDR: yes, these labs exist, which makes sense considering Wuhan is centrally located and home to major research universities, but even the experts quoted in the article say there’s no evidence that the existence of the labs are linked to the new coronavirus, nor that the new virus is somehow engineered.

    Edited to add that there are other similar BSL-3 labs in other parts of China, and it’s not unusual to have a BSL-4 (other countries do as well). This is a non-story.

  2. I love the stupid conspiracy of this being some escaped engineered disease as if the military would want a bioweapon that is only slightly more lethal than the fucking flu lmao.

  3. I hate the font and this newspaper’s name.

    It sucks you into believing it’s the NYT or WaPo, but it certainly isn’t either.

    And I understand click baity titles. Most of the time, no harm no foul. But in this case – seriously? This is one of those moments that may represent an existential threat to humanity and actually require local and international trust and collaboration at a forgotten level… Let’s not sandbag people on this particular story.

  4. Wuhan doesn’t happen to translate to raccoon by any chance?

  5. No Miriam, just stop it with this shit.

  6. Bullshit conspiracy theories, just laughable

  7. The Washington Times should not be on the white list as a legitimate news site on Reddit, people.

    It’s a tabloid rag of the Alex Jones variety, filled with climate change denialism, Trump worship, etc. Pure kooks-ville.


    I’m blocking the URL in my account now. You should too.

  8. Or maybe it’s just another baby formula factory.

  9. This virus shit is so overbored and over exaggerated.

    This isn’t a bio weapon, it would kill far more. This isn’t the end of humanity. This isn’t going to kill half your family. It’s a fucking virus.

    Have good hygiene, eat well, sleep enough, exercise, drink water and see the doctor if you get sick.

  10. Who in their right mind would create a virus for biological warfare, which is capable of spreading around the whole world in a short amount of time? I mean it’s almost certain that such a weapon would come back to bite you.

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