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‘War against nature must stop,’ U.N. chief says before climate talks

‘War against nature must stop,’ U.N. chief says before climate talks

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  1. Corporations: but if we don’t destroy nature how will we profit off the misery of humanity?

  2. One core understanding that is passed down generation to generation in my tribal culture is that war with nature means war with ourselves and our descendants. Our relations include all creatures, plants, fungi, waters, and lands. We are taught that it’s our duty to be good stewards of those resources to protect them for 7 generations into the future.

    In today’s world, the traditional ceremonies and practices of managing the natural resources of a land has been corrupted by personal interest being priority over the sustainability of the resource and the surrounding ecosystem. For one example: my coastal tribal ancestors held a tradition that when the first salmon was caught in the river, all salmon fishing in the entire river must stop until a salmon ceremony was completed (a couple day long celebration of the coming of the salmon people). During this pause in fishing, the first returning salmon are unhindered in their journey to spawn and complete their life cycle. This tradition, started thousands of years ago, has allowed the heavily fished salmon to sustain all these generations by way of a complex relationship with my ancestors and our relative creatures.
    In the roughly 150 years since colonizers displaced us and took control of our river, wild salmon are now endangered, and some salmon species extirpated.

  3. No shit, how many times do we have to hear these same phrases from politicians before we actually start doing something.

  4. Is it just me or does it seem like politicians from all over the world fly in airplanes to meet in one location to talk about the climate every 2 months?

    What are they talking about that they couldn’t have done with an online meeting? Do they really need to meet so often?

    It seems to me like they could present all leaders with any new climate studies/information. Then meet vurtually to discuss those items and make commitments on what they are going to do. Then 6 months or a year later, they do the same thing again. Report what progress they have made, talk about what they are going to do in the next 6-12 months…

    It seems like a massive waste of resources and added pollution to fly these guys all over the world just for a photo op.

  5. It won’t stop. Our Modern civilization is going to collapse because of the greed of those in power.

  6. In Tasmania the government wants to turn our forests into wood chips. Less forest means less rainfall, loss of carbon sink and desertification, which isn’t what you need especially if you rely on hydro for a lot of your electricity. It feels like they’re just doing these things out of spite at this point. Environment vs conservative governments, ironic they aren’t into conservation in the most important regard. Big business or bust for them! Fat load of good those jobs do when the world is tilting towards unstoppable climate change.

  7. Hmm lets start by stopping the mass production of cheap crap and plastic shit

  8. When nature surrenders then we’re prepared to talk ^^^^/s

  9. That what we do. We dont do shit until the problem becomes immediate and irreversible then we be like Why didnt we do something.

  10. We never had a war against nature, we had a war for profit and nature was just “collateral damage” or “acceptable losses”

    Capitalism is evil and it needs to be dismantled because the values it instills bring out the worst in humanity.
    granted we tend to do that with any concept.

  11. Why is the war against climate and ecology the only recognized war against nature and not the war on human nature being waged by exploitative systems and atomizing forces that divide families, nations, and meanings.

  12. Even though we take time to realize our mistakes this man has a point .a fight with nature is a battle already lost.

  13. Buy more cybertrucks everybody

  14. If we have any hope of avoiding apocalyptic consequences, we must use less energy, regardless of its source. We have to live with less.

  15. Think of how easy it is for a company to pollute a river so that it won’t be usable by any living thing for hundreds of years. Mine drainage; a chemical spill; waste disposal.

    Think of how easy it is for industrial and commercial conglomerates to pollute several rivers, lakes, seas, and every ocean in the name of profit. How it is barely an outrage, how it is so easily ignored and deflected. How it is rationalized while the damage will last for thousands of years.

  16. So end globalism? Of course not. The UN needs to be banded. No organization where US, China, Russia, Britain and France hold veto power should be allowed to exist.

    The 5 most evil nations on earth run the UN. Considering the number of china bashers on this sub, it’s surprising the amount of comments supporting the UN here.

  17. Calling everything a “war” is ridiculous and watering-down what violent, militaristic war actually is.

    War on poverty

    War on drugs

    War against <insert political party/ideology>

    War against *nature*???

    Using language this way is not a good thing.

    [George Carlin – Shell Shock](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hSp8IyaKCs0)

  18. Humanity is currently a Cancer.

  19. It’s not a war. Man needs nature, nature doesn’t need man. If man decides to destroy what nature has provided for it then that’s it, golden ticket is gone. They’re on their own now.

    Stop trying to make it seem like it’s a conflict. People aren’t actively trying to “attack” nature like that idiot king who declared war on Poseidon by having his men stab the fucking ocean with their swords at the beach.

    People are totally ignorant as to the reality of the world because they think it doesn’t affect them. They think someone else will have to deal with the mess because they will be dead. Make it affect them today and you might turn some heads finally.

  20. also… war against each other…. should stop ? wtf wish the UN could do something.

  21. The irony is that many times nature provides the source for innovation, and environmentally friendly solutions to problems are often more efficient and more profitable. Fossilized thinking is as dangerous as fossil fuels.

  22. These people are like beauty pageant winners talking about world peace.

  23. Fly to Madrid first class, stay in top hotel, then blah blah blah. If they conference called these summits I would take them slightly more seriously.

  24. I’m Portuguese. This guy was a terrible prime minister and is an even worse UN general sevretary. He’s the epithome of virtue signaling so you can count on him to manifest time and again almost universal positions on any issue without actually doing something about it. He still collects is ~6K€/month pension from the Portuguese state despite being extremely well paid by the UN to express views that the vast, vast majority of the population has had since ever.

  25. But why should we stop? We’re winning! /s

  26. These leaders who are supposed to be a beacon on their ideas and yet they preach for everyone to stop polluting when they travel around in their private jets that guzzle down as much fuel as a passenger jet that transports 300+ people and times that by around 190 nations that is a lot of fuel. Bunch of hypocrites.

  27. .. but we just have to get that smart tv on sale at walmart first!

    If there is no demand, there is no supply. I highly doubt you can successfully convince most to give up their daily convenience and standard of living.

    Are you willing to walk to work? Give up meat? No AC in the summer? No heat in the winter?

    It is a fool’s errand. In fact, the Chinese and the Indians are trying very hard to adopt the lifestyles of Americans and Europeans. Cars, tvs, tablets, beef, it is their turn to get the good stuff in life, right?

  28. The climate will kill us all unless you donate to my campaign, thnx!

  29. Man vs nature: The road to victory

  30. Talk, talk, talk.

    That’s all that’s happening.

  31. War against nature? Fools. Mother Nature always wins.

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