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War in Nagorno Karabakh .. developments around the clock

For the third day, bloody battles continue in Nagorny Karabakh between Azerbaijani forces and Armenian separatists. While many countries called for calm, the UN Security Council declared an emergency meeting.

The following are the most prominent developments and news of the conflict for Tuesday, September 29, 2020, according to the time of Makkah:

11:15 – Ten Azerbaijani civilians killed after Armenian bombing

Interfax quoted the President of Azerbaijan, Ilham Aliyev, as saying that ten civilians were killed after the bombing of Armenians.

10:50 – The Azerbaijani army destroys the Armenian motorized infantry regiment

The Azerbaijani Ministry of Defense announced that its army destroyed an Armenian motorized infantry regiment in the Khojawand region. She explained that the regiment that suffered losses in lives and equipment was completely destroyed, noting that the leadership of the Armenian army requested assistance to evacuate the wounded and dead.

9:05 – Sporadic clashes continued on several fronts

Al-Jazeera correspondent quoted the Azerbaijani Defense Ministry sources as saying that sporadic clashes are continuing on several fronts in the Karbagh region.

Earlier this morning, the Armenian forces tried to advance towards the Azeri sites in the regions of Fozuli and Gabriel, and the Azerbaijani forces confronted them and destroyed a military vehicle and left about ten soldiers dead and wounded and forced it to retreat.

The sources added that Armenian heavy artillery bombed villages and civilian areas in the Tatar and Naftalan regions this morning as well.

Intense artillery shelling yesterday from the Azerbaijani side (Anatolia)

7:49 – Ministry of Defense of Azerbaijan confirms continued fighting

The Ministry of Defense in Azerbaijan said that fighting continued during the night between its forces and Armenian forces in the Nagorno-Karabakh region, and added in a statement that “enemy forces” tried to regain lost areas by launching counterattacks.

2:35 – An emergency meeting of the Security Council

The UN Security Council announced a closed emergency meeting to discuss developments in Nagorny Karabakh. The meeting will be held at approximately 21:00 GMT, at the request of Belgium, following an initiative by Germany and France.

Since Sunday, Estonia – a non-permanent member of the Security Council – has insisted that the council meet to discuss the situation in the region. According to diplomatic sources, Britain has joined the European request.

According to diplomats, the Security Council may issue a statement at the conclusion of the meeting. In the event that this is not possible – since the Council’s statements are only issued unanimously – then the European member states of the Council can issue on their side a statement to represent them on their own.

0:34 – Turkish Justice and Development Party: We will not allow incitement against our Armenian citizens in Turkey

Turkish Justice and Development Party spokesman Omar Celik warned against incitement against the country’s Armenian minority citizens, by taking advantage of Turkey’s “firm stance against the Armenian aggression against Azerbaijan.”

In a tweet on Twitter, Celik said that “those who wish to distort our firm stance towards Armenia from its context are seeking incitement,” stressing that Turkey will absolutely not allow threats or harassment of its Armenian citizens on social media or in other fields.

0:33 – 26 additional “separatists” Armenians are killed in the fighting

The Armenian authorities in the Nagorno Karabakh region announced the killing of 26 of their soldiers on Monday evening in the ongoing battles against the Azerbaijani forces, bringing the total of their human losses since the outbreak of the confrontations Sunday to 84 dead.

Officials in Baku and Yerevan said that violent clashes continued throughout Monday. A spokesman for the Armenian Defense Ministry, Artzron Hovhannisyan, announced that the Azerbaijani forces launched, on Monday evening, “a major attack on the southern and northeastern sectors of the Karabakh border.”

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