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Warnings in Iraq of a military coup sponsored by Izzat al-Douri

The leader of the Islamic Supreme Council in Iraq and the former Minister of the Interior, Baqir Jabr Al-Zubaidi, warned of what he described as a plot for a military coup in the country sponsored by Izzat al-Douri, the former vice president of the late Saddam Hussein.

In an article he published yesterday on his Facebook page entitled “The Next Military Coup in Iraq,” Al-Zubaidi said, “The conferences held by the dissolved Baath Party in America and other Western countries are the nucleus of what is happening now in terms of movement led by the party’s military wing.”

Al-Zubaidi added that “these conferences were mobilized by some personalities who are affiliated with the political process after the American invasion of the country in 2003 and fled Iraq, and from Baathists residing in Iraqi Kurdistan and Western countries,” noting that they ended with the decision to delegate the military wing to the Baath after the party’s project failed. Politician.

Al-Zubaidi (left) said that he would reveal more details about what he called the coup at a later time (Al-Jazeera)

military training

He pointed out that the intense training carried out by the military wing of the Baath in northern Diyala province, east of Baghdad, and what is known as the Triangle of Death (Makhoul, Khanouka, and the Hamrin mountain range) and “that we previously warned about has one goal, which is to support the new military coup project, whose plan was drawn up by officers in The former regime, in cooperation with military figures and fighters affiliated with the Naqshbandi order, sponsored the league.

Al-Zubaidi explained that two regional countries differed strongly about supporting this project (he did not name them), despite the fact that many Baathist movements were taking place on their lands, indicating that he would reveal this coup project at a later time.

Media reports indicate that Al-Douri leads an armed organization called the “Naqshbandi Movement”, which has been in hiding since the US invasion of the country in 2003. The United States allocated 10 million dollars to anyone who provides any information leading to the arrest or killing of al-Douri.

Source : Iraqi press + social networking sites

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