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Warns of a “bloodbath” in November .. Trump attacks a Republican senator in the Senate

Today, Saturday, US President Donald Trump attacked a prominent member of Congress, who had warned days before that Trump’s handling of the Corona virus pandemic and authoritarian leaders could cause a “bloodbath” for Republicans in the Senate, in the November 3 elections.

Trump wrote on Twitter that US Senator Ben Sas is the least influential of the 53 Republican members of the Senate, “and he’s a burden on the Republican Party and an embarrassment to the great state of Nebraska. Other than that, he’s just a wonderful guy.”

Sass criticized Trump during a meeting with voters in the state last Wednesday, and asked whether the president would ultimately lead the country to the left.

According to a transcript of what was mentioned during the virtual meeting, Sass said, “Trump is courting autocrats and flirting with white fanatics.”

The senator added that Trump’s approach as a leader in dealing with the spread of the Coronavirus was not reasonable, responsible or correct.

He accused Trump of refusing to take the Corona virus crisis seriously for several months, treating it as a media issue that will take its time and end, instead of being a public health challenge that spans several years.

Sass has repeatedly criticized Trump, saying before the 2016 election he would not support him. Even so, he voted in line with Trump’s positions in Congress about 87 percent of the time as of September 24, according to an ABC News website.

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