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Washington Post: 2021, the year of hope

The American newspaper “The Washington Post” considered that after the curtain fell on the year 2020, whose outcome was “catastrophic” at various levels, the United States and the whole world would enter in 2021 to hope for the dispersion of the cloud of the epidemic, especially thanks to the “scientific miracle” that Formed by the vaccines advertised successively against the virus.

The newspaper stated that 2021 is the “year of vaccines” – as it called it – that, unfortunately, will not witness the complete elimination of the epidemic, but it will turn the issue of dealing with the virus into a matter of time only after it was a matter of ability and ability a short time ago.

She stressed that the cloud of sadness, frustration, resentment and even helplessness that was born from the epidemic will disappear during the new year, noting that this “vaccine promise” is 90 to 95% effective, and although containing the virus will require billions of doses around the world, which is a very staggering amount, the eradication trend It is clear given the logic of the math and past vaccination trials against diseases such as smallpox, polio and measles.

In contrast, the Washington Post believes that there are likely – in the United States and the rest of the world – problems with production and distribution, continued resistance to basic public health measures, and the further proliferation of conspiracy theories and skepticism raised by foreign and domestic enemies.

She also considers that during the new year the United States will have to face dilemmas other than the epidemic, such as blind partisanship, fractured confidence and the prevailing belief in the nation’s decline, which are draining the country’s energies, noting that successfully dealing with the task of providing safe and effective vaccines against the pandemic will contribute to overcoming these dilemmas.

She says that among all the frustrating facts during the year 2020, the most bleaker issue was how simple masks were converted into partisan weapons, wondering whether this “degenerate” logic could lead to the collapse of the vaccination campaign against the virus as well?

And she asserts that the answer is “no” because the Coronavirus vaccination project is the largest project supported by supporters of the Democratic and Republican parties – and even non-partisans – and the United States and its partners have been implementing it for many years, and that the “victory” in this battle will ultimately be “a victory for pragmatism over Ideology account. “

Legitimacy Crisis

Another disease that the United States needs to address during the new year – the newspaper adds – is the “anemia” from which the credibility of official institutions suffers, or what the German philosopher Jurgen Habermas called a “legitimacy crisis” half a century ago, indicating that governments have lost so much public confidence that they are unable to Perform the roles assigned to it.

The newspaper considers that in the American case, this crisis has reached advanced stages, as it lost confidence in the officials of institutions, thus what was a “government” in the past became a “swamp”, and what was a “intelligence community” became a “deep state”, as well as the institutions that were playing oversight roles were lost. – Like the media and the institution of higher education – its credibility, and even the Supreme Court became “very incompetent and weak” in the eyes of the President (Donald Trump) himself, who determined its fate for the next quarter of a century through his appointments.

She stresses that institutions must restore their credibility through achievement and achievement of results because “trust is gained and a free people cannot be asked to give it to you.” In this context, the Coronavirus vaccination campaign is an opportunity to restore a measure of public confidence in legislative bodies, government agencies, research universities, hospitals and charitable institutions. And pharmaceutical companies.

The newspaper concludes that thanks to the “innovative vaccines” that have been developed in record time, the world will begin to get rid of the virus, and the inherent strengths of the American nation – human capital from all over the world, research infrastructure and friendships with allies – will turn the scene in the coming months, All that one needs is the feeling of the need to give and the belief in the inevitability of change, which makes hope in the year 2021 legitimate.

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