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Watch .. An Iraqi woman breaks the men’s monopoly and enters the world of bodybuilding

Dalkhoush Abdullah, a 30-year-old Iraqi woman, entered the world of bodybuilding known for his male monopoly, after she broke all societal restrictions and overcame difficulties by challenging well-known customs and traditions in the Rania district of Sulaymaniyah province in the Kurdistan region of Iraq.

It was not easy for Dalkhoush to enter this world, especially in 2016, without getting doses of support and support from her family, who stood beside her to overcome these challenges.

“My family was my first supporter, and now I am considered the only one at the level of Kurdistan and Iraq in this field, after I won many decorations and gold medals in competitions in which I participated in Iraq and Asia, and I won advanced ranks in it,” she says to Al-Jazeera Net.

Dalkhoush spends about an hour and a half daily while training to lift heavy weights like the rest of the men in preparation to participate in the International Women’s Bodybuilding Championship during the coming period after she was scheduled to participate in it last year, but the outbreak of the Corona pandemic prevented that.

However, her ambition still exists and she aspires to raise the name of Iraq high as the only young woman who will represent him in this competition, and to achieve first place in it as she did in the rest of the competitions and championships for women’s bodybuilding at the local and Arab levels.

Fitness and bodybuilding trainer Rawa Abdul Rahman supervises daily exercises for Dalkhoush, in addition to developing a special diet program for her to build her body in a way that suits the competition conditions. In his speech to Al-Jazeera Net, he sheds light on the aspiration of the Iraqi young woman and her determination to achieve achievements that were not previously achieved by any other girl in Iraq.

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