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Watch – augmented reality on the windshield … Audi unveils new technologies in its upcoming electric car

The German company Audi has revealed the interior design of its upcoming “Q4 E-Tron” electric car, which includes some new technologies.

The centerpiece of Audi for the first time is the new augmented reality display on the windshield, which provides the driver with a wider field of vision and more accurate and advanced animation.

The German company presented some examples it provided for using the new screen technology, including the augmented reality system placing a red line over the lane mark to inform the driver when he deviates from his lane, and an animation that tracks the car ahead when using the cruise control feature.

Audi says that the new augmented reality system generates more than a thousand signals from the sensors throughout the Q4, to know the location and position of the car in all situations, even if you are driving on a bumpy surface.

The Q4 e-tron also features the largest touch screen Audi has ever installed in one of its cars, measuring 11.6 inches, as well as a 10.25-inch display behind the wheel as well.

The luxury German carmaker replaced the backlit sensitive touch buttons with the physical buttons on the steering wheel in the Q4 E-tron, and has also displayed a camouflaged version of the exterior design of the car, which is scheduled to be fully unveiled next April, and has announced some of its basic specifications. Other.

The Q4 e-tron is the third in Audi’s new line of all-electric vehicles, but it will be the first to be built based on the MEB chassis of parent company Volkswagen.

This structure supports the Volkswagen lineup of electric vehicles, as well as the upcoming “Sportback” version of the Q4 E-tron.

Audi said Tuesday that its car will be 4.59 meters long, 1.865 meters wide and 1.613 meters high, placing it in the compact SUV category.

“The Q4 e-tron has a wheelbase more comparable to a mid-size SUV, and interior space is more in line with a full-size SUV,” says Audi.

Audi sold about 47,000 other e-tron electric cars in 2020, accounting for roughly 3% of the company’s total sales.

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